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God Dethroned - Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross

God Dethroned
Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 27 November 2010, 6:11 PM

If you thought that the creator of the "Passiondale" album Henri Sattler, the leader of GOD DETHRONED would turn his attention to WWII history, you got it wrong. I think that Sattler did WWI a great favour by re-creating the old images of that Great War. Only a year passed since "Passiondale" hit with mustard gas attack, and already GOD DETHRONED charge with "Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross". The story of WWI continues in a different angle, with the inspiration derived from the book of Ernst Juenger, "Storm Of Steel".

Production wise and material, I present you a wonderful piece of music. With the extremity of war, comes the extremity of the music. Unforgiving speed filled with an aura of gas, shells and smoky gun powder. Death Metal, on its blackish figure made by GOD DETHRONED, never seemed better.The band were able to amaze with "Passiondale" and so they did it again with "Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross". Although, at first I had this feeling that some of the track somewhat resembled others because of the wild blast beat rage that went over and over, I somewhat seemed to be mistaken. Every single tune had its own purpose and its own musical personality.

Through the rage of obsolete tracks as "Under The Iron Cross", "Red Baron", "The Killing Is Faceless" and "Storm Of Steel", the riffs fly as the cannons fired another mass of destructive shells. With such energy it is hard to let your ears of this story. GOD DETHRONED maybe lurched deep into extremity, however, they did it with a sense of class. To their efforts they added the right atmosphere followed by other cool additions as solos, melodies and even a portion of clean vocals. Extreme Metal may it be, but if it made with a good taste, who am I to argue with it.

"Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross" is another chapter in the first world war of man, through ripped bodies and endless fields of death, GOD DETHRONED came to remind us that nothing has been forgotten. A year after a great album, this band was able to come up with an equal, let this one blow your minds.

4 Star Rating

  1. The Declaration Of War
  2. Storm Of Steel
  3. Fire Storm
  4. The Killing Is Faceless
  5. Under the Sign Of The Iron Cross
  6. Chaos Reigns At Dawn
  7. Through Byzantine Hemispheres
  8. The Red Baron
  9. On Fields Of Death & Desolation
Henri Sattler - Vocals, Guitars
Danny Tunker - Guitars
Henk Zinger - Bass
Michiel "Mike" Van Der Plicht - Drums
Record Label: Metal Blade Records


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