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God Forbid - Determination (CD)

God Forbid
by Orpheus Spiliotopoulos at 08 May 2001, 8:22 PM

Lately I can't stop feeling amazed with all the weird, new stuff we're getting (weird - meaning interesting in a good way). What they're playing is…Melodic Thrash!!
Five dudes from New Jersey (one white and four black) form this ass kicking Thrash Metal band! At last, no more Nu Metal crap (haha!) ! Just when I was starting to think that the USA was dead when it comes to giving birth to new Metal bands (I don't mean Nu Metal as in Korn and all that idiotic bullshit).

'Determination' is a power-raging monstrosity from tops to bottom. These guys 'kill' from the very start of their songs to the very end. They personally remind me of early Sepultura and umm…a bit of Morbid Angel and Pantera (what a combination uh?). They also remind me of At The Gates and In Flames (in some changes during the songs)! This is so ass kicking…Damn! 'Determination Part 1' and 'Determination Part 2' are rippers! And not only these two! Almost all the album tracks rule! The bass is fabulous (it would make a lot of 'famous' bass players wonder what they're doing), the drums are magnificent…with outstanding explosions, the guitars rock (umm..Thrash, sorry hehe) and vary from heavy riffs (like Pantera) to speeding chain shaws and melodic drills (like In Flames). The vocals are vicious, breathtaking expressions of anger in it's human form. I suggest songs like 'Determination Part 1', 'Determination Part 2', 'Nothing', 'Broken Promise', 'Go Your Own Way' and 'Wicked' as the best tracks on this album (not that the others aren't!) !

At last…here's a band which will make you turn up the volume and proudly scream 'this is a new American, Thrash Metal band!' ! This is a band you will be longing to see live there in the States (and in Europe) except for your usual Slayer, Flotsam&Jetsam etc !
'Right now, metal is big. Hopefully if it becomes uncool, we'll still be cool.' - Dallas Coyle

4 Star Rating

Dawn Of The Millenia
Broken Promise
Divide My Destiny
Determination Part 1
Determination Part 2
Go Your Own Way
God's Last Gift
A Reflection Of The Past
Dead Words On Deaf Ears
Byron Davis - Vocals
Dallas Coyle - Guitar
Doc Coyle - Guitar
John Outcalt - Bass
Corey Pierce - Drums
Record Label: Century Media


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