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Goddess Of Desire - Awaken Pagan Gods (CD)

Goddess Of Desire
Awaken Pagan Gods
by Michael Dalakos at 06 August 2005, 5:09 PM

Who would have ever thought that Goddess Of Desire would reach a fourth release? How many of us have seen this band simply as another trendy or one-hit wonder band? Too many I believe. But here we are, and Goddess Of Desire has proven to be a quite successful outfit in the most justified way. And maybe they will never claim a price of originality but who can blame them of not doing their job in the most professional way?
What started ten years ago mostly as a joke became a successful, winning team! They started as a cover band for 80's metal acts only wanting to prove their love for the specific era of Heavy Metal. Soon their shows, known for their theatrical taste, became so successful that by their 4th gig they had managed to get TV broadcasting! I guess that says a lot. Of course their stage appearance made them well known, mostly because of their musical abilities I dare to say. Can we blame them? Not really, they are not the first ones who made it (and I'm sure they are not the last either).
And finally, after a decade of success, the band releases Awaken Pagan Gods through their new label, Armageddon Music. Do not expect the big difference with this album: this is standard Goddess Of Desire. Classic Metal with lots of extreme elements (mostly primordial Thrash very close to the vein of Venom / Motorhead). Being a love or hate situation it's always hard to keep a mid distance. What you are about to hear in Awaken… is nothing new. It carries all the cliches of the era it represents, still the outcome is so well crafted I found it hard to press the next button during any song. The band's ability also to swap vocal lines, and to maintain a certain balance between what's classic and what's extreme makes the listening quite interesting.
Inside their retro feeling Goddess Of Desire sound promising enough for the average listener. Among the countless 80's related acts around the globe, this act is one of the most interesting!

3 Star Rating

Awakening The Gods
March To Meet
Dead End Street
Holy War
Bloodstained Sight
Awaken Pagan Gods
Victory Is Mine
Scream For Metal True
Nothing's Free
Majesty Of Metal
Lord Arydon - Guitars & Vocals
Count August - Bass & Vocals
Delilah - Female Effects
Bastard - Drums
Record Label: Armageddon Music


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