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God.Fear.None - Envy (CD)

by Grigoris Chronis at 24 June 2005, 10:01 AM

When I was a teenager, I wouldn't miss a Roadrunner/Music For Nations/Noise release. It was damn sure that every band on those labels' rosters was certified as - at least - nice, cool or interesting/promising. Years gone by and there's a 5% chance I'll purchase an e.g. 2005 Roadrunner release. This doesn't  - of course - mean that new bands/releases are not that good for today's standards; it's just that it's not my kinda taste. The same - I hope - will not apply for Sonic Age Records! (Just kiddin'…)
A fresh Metal label, dedicated to the 80's based (or influenced) Heavy Metal music, is the mere example of how the combination of passion for music and serious/professional work can carry out the best possible results - check the label's releases so far, if you have any doubts. Still, Envy comes out as the debut effort from a band in a (completely?) different field of play. The successors of Greek  - unknown to me, I admit - act Sad Wings are keen on the so called New Wave of American Heavy Metal, in such level that the contract hunters of Roadrunner or Century Media labels should keep their eyes fuckin' open for this Mediterranean threat. Of course, N.W.o.A.H.M. is not (and I doubt if it will ever be) my desired sub-genre (in contradiction to the other Wave acronyms); yet, we'll keep this review (not it's extent, but it's class) strictly objective. Extracting: First class compositions from the band's mainman, Jim Voutsas, featuring an endless amount of aggression, still with the sufficient existence of melody/harmony. In the vein of acts like Shadows Fall or Soilwork - (I think) also influenced by the Nevermore principles - there are strong Core elements, still I could easily say that behind the music lines there's a certain need for expression of Metal music, not any other style (e.g HC). Furthermore, a solid-as-hell rhythm section - punctual and prompt - adequately supports the inspired chords/leads in all of the album's tracks, while the graceful mix of Core and Clean vocals carry out a flexibility in adjusting the music's feeling thoroughly. Last, open-minded followers of U.S. techno-Death Metal will find similarities with bands of that time from the East Coast.
The production - handled (along with the mixing and mastering routes) by Jim Voutsas himself - is of first rate, certainly equivalent to the international standards built during the last years. A mysterious contemporary artwork accomplishes to summarize the album's content in a brief handshaking picture. A video clip for Idle Self is already complete; I myself will try to check it out whenever I can.
Synopsis: In its musical field, God.Fear.None present a high quality debut album that - supported by S.A.'s marvelous promotional work - does have all the prospects to generate a certain buzz in the modern aggressive Metal market. If you're into this kind of stuff you must surely check it out; as for me, I hope Sonic Age will remain mainly dedicated to the other styles I adore, even if G.F.N. return with billions of sales!

3 Star Rating

Free Fall
Idle Self
Eyes Of Hatred
24 Hours
Momentary Lapse
Sons Of Insanity
Enemy Within
In A Shallow End
Death's Design
Chronis - Core Vocals
Chris Mike - Guitar
Domenic - Bass & Clean Vocals
Jim Voutsas - Guitar
Kostis Papalexopoulos - Drums
Record Label: Sonic Age Records


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