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Godless Agenda - Death Awaits You All

Godless Agenda
Death Awaits You All
by Craig Rider at 21 December 2019, 6:11 PM

Metal maniace, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: GODLESS AGENDA; independently unsigned, hailing from Norwegian grounds - performing Death/Thrash Metal, on their debut album entitled: "Death Awaits You All" (released 8th of November, 2019).

Since formation in 2013; the soloist in question has released only this here debut album in his discography so far entitled: "Death Awaits You All", 8 tracks ranging at around 39:04; GODLESS AGENDA arrange an intricately designed formula of heavy-hitting Death/Thrash Metal amalgamations. The titular track begins the record; conveying amplified gnarliness, groovy adrenaline & concretely gritty fabrications of flamboyantly boistrous bounciness. Forging a barraged fretwork of hasty hymns, frenzied harmonies in which ultilize uniquely versatile vehemence & frolicking chugs create galloping virtuosity. Quintessentially quaking with monstrously meaty momentum, relentless rhythms rumble primitively while riveting into a crunchy foundation of meticulously punchline manifestations.

Consisting of Ostein Bjerkann who performs on everything; the soloist crafts an adroit attribute of deep, guttural growls with throaty snarls that showcase raspy finesse. "Kill The Cockroaches" embellishes on experimental chaos as the sound production gets deadlier while the previous song lacked extreme hostility; I feel that was necessary for the Death Metal sub-genre portion though, which elements atmospheric injections. It did sound killer inbetween - however. But contrasting the Thrash Metal hybrid with the next song helped increased hype levels through the roof; the guitars dynamically blister eardrums with rip-roaring shreds, dextrous catchiness & fluidly captivating dimensions that pulsate with thumpy bass audibility while thunderously pumping out rapidly swift nimbleness with ruthless pandemonium.

"Let The Children Come" organically supplies potently vibrant substance; rambunctious tempos with solid slabs of wildly rushing drum hammering, battering consistently into an energetic flair of seamlessly sonic riffs scattering & smothering wonderously with robust stability. Revolved around a diligently detailed dose of gnarly implementation, immersively establishing crunchy aesthetics and jumpy mayhem. "Fear Me (Inch Allah)" lacerates with rawly rough subjugation; salubriously stomping with profusely sharp skill, pursuiting thrashy hooks and distinctively distinguished instrumentation that slows down into an acoustic-esque melody – until the speedy executions fade into that stellar motion. While distributing dominating firepower & empowering expertise. For a soloist; this singular project is an astounding feat, and Ostein is proving well that he needs no one so far.

"Rising From The Pits" ascends from hellish ground; demonizing out of the pit, while bludgeoning amps with old-school Death Metal vibes & progressively technical precision – almost culminating blackened thrash moods result in a savage ritual of sinister perseverence, stampeding with neckbreaking pummelling & venomous spits that trailblaze with quirky snappiness. "The Legacy Of Man" oozes out oppressive outrès of malevolent yet mellifluous euphony; developing hardened calamities that trigger rampent remedies, while juxtaposed with surging outbursts of weighty varieties – thick soundscapes & pattens that flow into a rich maelstrom of mandatory talent.

The penultimate song that is a beefy 7:54 belter: "Devoured From Within" examines intense grinds in which sulphurously subjugates with prestigious ramifications, while slabbed into an endless boundary of enjoyably entertaining grit. Coverging remarkably splendid potential, striking with jarring yet malicious material which was replayable while making me hungry for more. GODLESS AGENDA most definitely deserves a bunch of credit from me, Ostein certainly outdone himself here and while the short 0:40s epic finale dedicated to Donald Trump himself: "The Ballad Of Donald Trump" is a humourous conclusion - "Death Awaits You All" is an brilliant discovery, and a grandiose grandure of phenomenal songwriting musicianship. Metal maniacs should relish this rocking piece of superb yet slaying performances, worth the spin!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Sound Production: 8


4 Star Rating

1. Death Awaits You All
2. Kill The Cockroaches
3. Let The Children Come To Me
4. Fear Me (Inch Allah)
5. Rising From The Pits
6. The Legacy Of Man
7. Devoured From Within
8. The Ballad Of Donald Trump
Ostein Bjerkann - Everything
Record Label: Independent


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