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Gods of Eden - From The End of Heaven Award winner

Gods of Eden
From The End of Heaven
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 03 November 2015, 11:56 AM

Australian Metal scene is widely known for giving birth to AC/DC, but sometimes is truly hard to know bands from that country, even with the Internet making things easier by the use of digital platforms. And when we speak about extreme Metal bands, few come to our minds as MORTIFICATION. But from times to times, we hear something from the lands down under, so, this is the time for GODS OF EDEN to enter the arena and shows their work with "From The End of Heaven", their first album.

After a 4-track EP on 2012, they are back. They play a very intense and aggressive form into Melodic and Technical Death Metal, using contrast of clean and harsh vocals, and with little touches of modern Metalcore sounds here and there. But be aware of a thing: they have a great and pulsing personality in their musical work, with high doses of adrenalin. It's hooking and aggressive at the same time. And they have courage to make this style, let me be honest, due the radicalism into Metal scene nowadays.

As a modern and good band, they need a very good and clean sound quality, and it was given to them. Yes, it's clean, what turns the listening to something very good, but don't get disturbed and there's no need to tear out your hair, because it is heavy in a way that is very good.

"From The End of Heaven" is a very good album, having 7 excellent songs ("Rub' al Khali" is just a short and instrumental song, working like an introduction). And, of course, this fact turns the work to point this or that song as one of their best moments something extremely difficult.

Personally, I dare to point to "The Overseer (Lunar Ascendancy)" (having some great musical arrangements and very good guitars), the long and Progressive "Shiva's Dream" (man, this song is a perfect mix between PINK FLOYD, DREAM THEATER and DISMEMBER! And what wonderful work on guitars and vocals), and the abrasive and modern, "From The End of Heaven", as their finest moments, but again: the entire album is excellent.

Hear it at any cost.

4 Star Rating

1. The Overseer (Lunar Ascendancy)
2. Shiva's Dream
3. Lost in Fables
4. Through the Abyss
5. Rub' al Khali
6. Beyond the Persian Veil
7. From the End of Heaven
8. Gods of Eden
Ian Dixon - Vocals
Sean Thomson - Guitars
Danni Perez - Guitars, Synths
Mike Barillaro - Bass, Backing Vocals
David Horgan - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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