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Godscum - The Zodiac Horrorscope Award winner

The Zodiac Horrorscope
by Emily Schneider at 25 August 2020, 5:48 PM

GODSCUM hails from multiple European countries, but they proclaim Eindhoven, Netherlands as their main hub. “The Zodiac Horrorscope” is the first studio album from the Thrash/Groove Metal band. The way they play brings you right back to the heyday of the paired sub-genres, the 1990s! Read on for some highlights.

“The Great War” and “NWO” are both soaked in PANTERA influence from the riffs to the undeniably Groove Metal style melody. The guitar solos were speedy and shreddy too. “The Path of Life” is Thrash Metal to the core. “Carnage Angel” is one heavy track; the verses are almost face-melting with the SLAYER style vocals and heavy chuggy riffs. The solo in this song was great, really melodic and intricate as well. “Kill It” shifts the subgenre gears once more by throwing in some Grunge vibes at the intro with the low and slow guitar and almost Layne Staley sounding clean vocals. It's still pretty damn heavy throughout though. The shovel digging sounds at the end was a great creepy touch too. “Drain the Life” and the following track “Ripper”  return to the Groove Metal sound that you aren't sure whether to dance or bang your head to the catchy riffs. The verses in both songs reminded me a lot of mid-90s era SLIPKNOT. “Thy Kingdom” is the anti-religion track every political Thrash Metal band has at some point. It's definitely another nod to SLAYER, rhythmically and vocals-wise. By this point on the album, my head is about to fall off from headbanging so much. (good work there, lads!) “Stand Our Ground” just makes you want to start a revolution… or just burn the world down and start over honestly. The album closes with the excellent “Dawn of Eternity”, a seven and a half minute long epic. The way the song built atmosphere and carried you through a wondrous hellscape reminded me a lot of ICED EARTH.

Overall, I was impressed as hell by the debut album from GODSCUM. This album is pretty damn heavy; they managed to create a thrashy yet groovy and just pure aggressive Metal album to the core. The biggest highlight for me is the killer guitar work from Marcel; the solos were so damn good, you just have to stop everything to bang your head along and listen. The rest of the band members are certainly no slouch either though! The riffs are chuggy and gritty, the drums are like a kick in the chest at points, all while paired with those brutal vocals. It's more than enough to melt your face off (figuratively of course!). Everyone needs to bang their head until their neck hurts every now and then, and “The Zodiac Horrorscope” certainly did that for me. I'm normally a Melodic Metal kind of person most of the time, but damn, this is the new pissed off Metal album I never knew I needed.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. The Great War
2. NWO
3. The Path of Life
4. Carmage Angel
5. Kill It
6. Drain the Life
7. Ripper
8. For Liberty
9. Thy Kingdom
10. Stand Our Ground
11. Indifferent Eyes
12. Dawn of Eternity
STEVEN TOLKAMP - Lead vocals
MARCEL COENEN - Guitar and backing vocals
JOCHEN FUENDERS - Bass and backing vocals
Record Label: Lion Music


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