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Godslave - 10/10 Rarities Recovered

10/10 Rarities Recovered
by James Brizuela at 30 July 2019, 5:08 AM

GODSLAVE, hailing from the land of Germany return with a collection of rare songs from their “Thrashed” split Eps. The collection also contains three live tracks and a brand-new song. What is awesome about this style of thrash metal is the rough vocals that accompany the speed of the music. A lot of thrash bands usually don’t incorporate brutal vocals, so that was a huge plus for me while listening to this album. The tea kettle like high pitch scream that kicks off “Our School” is insane. The pure brutality of this track is awesome. It is a pure thrash track. With the fast speed, chanting vocals, and wailing guitars what more could one ask for?

The first of this album just brings pure brutal thrash music, which I absolutely love. “T.N.A” sounds like a Motorhead song on steroids. It has that old school thrash sound mixed in with rock and roll. The raw vocals are what sells GODSLAVE for me.  It just adds this brutal dimension for me. The robotic voice added to “Metal Machines 2010” adds a nice touch to the overall feel for the track. There is a killer guitar solo that is in this track as well. What is awesome about GODSLAVE is their ability to add hooks to their songs that make you want to always sing along. “God Slave the Queen” brings more of that chanting that you can’t help but belt out with the band. The Eradicator cover of “Final Dosage” is pretty killer, but the raw vocals are what is missing from it for me. I am not sure if that was a creative choice to keep to the sound of the original or not, but the raw vocals should have stayed for that one.

I found the live tracks somewhat underwhelming. Especially since the brutal vocals seem to be absent from them, which is odd to me. “10/10” closes out the album and brings the brutality to close everything out.  There is some good musicianship showcased in this track. Some beautiful guitar soloing closes out the back end of the track. Overall this is a good collection to check out if you’re a big thrash fan, because well, GODSLAVE does it very well. It has every element of thrash that works.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Our School
2. T.N.A.
3. Metal Machines 2010
4. Vodcarnivore
5. God Slave the Queen
6. Final Dosage (ERADICATOR cover)
7. S.O.S. – Salve our Souls LIVE 2018
8. Green Zone LIVE 2018
9. Reborn Again live 2018
10. 10/10
Thommy – Vocals
Bernie – Guitars
Manni – Guitars
Mika – Bass
Tobi – Drums
Record Label: Green Zone Music


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