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Godslave - What We Want! Award winner

What We Want!
by Mike Coyle at 15 October 2015, 2:35 AM

So today I am reviewing a band with a new release that so happens to be a tribute to one of the classic masters of rock, the legendary STATUS QUO!. Now I've never really ever done a tribute record so this will be a first both on this and the band in question so I am very interested to see what we get here folks.

"Caroline", like the original has a beat and a vibe that kicks you in to overdrive, the song and tone are all perfect in every way I feel, with the addition of it being a different band I feel that the guys in GODSLAVE have done this song some real justice by adding their own flavour so to speak, it can be said though that although this is a great song with some great hooks and beats that nothing will really ever replace the original as there are some things you can't replace, but even still this cover has it down which is incredible to see with newer bands doing this as it gives you an idea where the band came up with a lot of their influences and ideas for starting a band.

The second track on this EP is "Little Lady", and this band has made me more and more intrigued as we've gone on as I don't think I have really ever seen a band that is able to keep up to the same level as the band that they have covered, in the past bands have of course covered so many different bands, I mean come on a lot of bands carry the torch of the and that has inspired them where they are now but I don't think I have ever had the chance or the luck to hear a cover record so perfectly done before in fact that's it really isn't it this isn't a covers record, no this is a tribute to a great band!.

"Is There A Better Way" starts off with a sound as tight as this it's easy to say that there is in fact a better way ladies and gentlemen, and GODSLAVE have found it in some sweet riffs and brilliant drum beats the band are able to make this classic heavier and full of spirit that can only be done by a band with passion of a high kind, but what I love is that the band have really taken the song on as theirs and have been able to make it heavier then the original which is something you can take pride in as this is just incredible, vocalist Thommy shows of his pipes in a massive way with some soulful singing paying tribute to a band that has been able to gift the world with great ideas and wonderful riffs!.

"Oh Baby" starts off slow the band make this classic shine with their unique style of heavy but mellow tones which work to make this track come alive with vengeance, I find that it gets more bluesy just with how the vocals are performed and the way the tone just comes together with a beat and a blast a riff and a raff which honestly makes this track stand out as the bands best cover on this record just because you get into the swing of things and bring it. I find that with what we have seen so far on this record that the band have a passion that is so unreal yet beautiful to see really.

"Too Far Gone" is the fourth track on the EP, and it's pretty cool how close these guys sound to the actual thing, could almost mistake the band for the actual QUO but when you dig deeper into this band you see that with them being fans themselves that they are doing what comes natural and playing the music that they love while keeping it original and awesome at the very same time, though as well as I have mentioned through this review the band have been able to keep their tone theirs while doing something magical with these classic tunes.

"Down Down" is the final track on the record we come to an end, or should I really say "Down Down"!. The idea of this tribute record is incredible to say the least as we see the band go into some old school rock and bring it to a new life within this band that has really impressed me from what I have been able to hear and honestly this is something that really shakes and shouts to the listener while making you at the same time want to drink and party with the best of them, this is an acheivment and it goes to show that this track gets down and gritty with tones that roar hard and loud!.

I have really been impressed by what this record has show me and honestly it is incredible to be given the chance to review such a heart felt piece of music, this band took some of the best classics you could ask for and bring them into a new light, I'd think that QUO themselves would be proud!.

5 Star Rating

2.Little Lady
3.Is There A Better Way
4.Oh Baby
5.Too Far Gone
6.Down Down
Thommy - Vocals
Bernie - Guitars
Meyer - Guitars
Mika - Bass
Tobias - Drums
Record Label: Greenzone Music


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Edited 05 December 2022

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