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Gog - Gog

by Zakk Belkin at 06 August 2014, 12:12 AM

A genre called Ambient Noise. Ever heard of it? Usually, I don't sit down to hear noise music. But the name somehow drew me to it. Michael Bjella somehow combined minimal lines of Ambience, Black Metal and Noise Music and created rather a masterpiece from one side, continuing the brilliant work on GOG after the last album, "Ironworks". From the other side, I am finding this rather empty, since it's just not technical enough for me. Summing up, it is rather a great, but minimal album.

The album starts with a song called "The Lies, They Want to Give You Away". It's a song that really gives me a sinister feel. It starts with keys hitting. And goes, and uplifts up and gives you a feel that a monster going to just on you. A really morbid song, yet minimal and beautiful.

"Before You Go We'd Love to Tear You to Fucking Pieces" continues with an opposite formation.  Starting with a gruesome brutal assault of noisy synths and instruments, and slowly decays…Then attacks again. Was it me that I heard Michael's vocals? Or was it his amazing work with the synthesizers? I'm not quite sure, but it really amazed me.

"Until The Body Runs Dry" starts with silence. Then a drone uplifting and creating an ambience referring to the cult horror movie scenes. I don't really have something to write on this song, just that it is pretty plain, simple, and gives you a great feel of horror.

The next song, "The First Cure", is the album's best song. Any trained ear will say "Hey, that's a really cool vocal synthesizer!" Honestly, Michael Bjella took some kind of Orchestral Music influence and gave you a great track to listen to. After the orchestral part, comes in the Black/Ambient/Noise part and breaks you up.

The GOG self-titled album ends with a great song called "First Night after Death". It somehow gives you a feeling that it is about someone's sorrow, with the amazing piano running through the track along with the distorted harmonies.

Honestly, it took me quite a time to write down this review. It is a very difficult genre for me, the Noise and Ambient Music. If you liked the album, you should really check more out of King of The Monsters Records.

Summing up everything, this is a nice yet simple album, very sinister but in a too cruel way. Yes, indeed Michael Bjella did a great work on the album "Gog", but there is a lot of place for improvement here.

3 Star Rating

1. The Lies, They Want To Give You Away
2. Before You Go We'd Love To Tear You To Fucking Pieces
3. Until The Body Runs Dry
4. The First Cure
5. First Night After Death
Michael Bjella - Everything
Record Label: King Of The Monsters Records


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