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Gojira - The Way Of All Flesh (CD)

The Way Of All Flesh
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 11 October 2008, 10:50 AM

The French Metal scene is starting to produce many great bands with a modern sound and music that definitely has something to say. One of those bands is GOJIRA, the Bayonne, Aquitaine based Metal act that has managed to reach a pretty good status and get the respect of thousands of metalheads around the world. You know that I am not such a big fan of this whole 'modern' movement, but these French madmen have absolutely nothing to do with those meaningless noisy bands.

If you think that we are dealing with a new band that is consisted of several ugly teen motherfuckers you are completely wrong, since GOJIRA have been kicking ass since 1998. Just for your info, Gojira is the Japanese word for the well known Godzilla. I guess that a French band with a Japanese name and a totally weird sound has already attracted your attention!

This is GOJIRA's fourth full-length album, as well as their second through the also French Listenable Records. For you who don't know this band, I will try really hard to describe their sound, although it is kind of impossible. The band has a classic distinctive heavy down tuned sound with bulldozer-guitars and a bass that causes earthquake. Their music contains many different elements like Death and Thrash Metal, as well as Hardcore touches, but there are more that make GOJIRA a fucking great band! There are times the band may remind you of CYNIC or MORBID ANGEL, as well as breaks that will definitely scream MESHUGGAH or TEXTURES until your ears bleed!

So you get ass kicking music with some brutal vocals, great technique and song structures that won't let you get bored even if you want to! And it's not only that. The band has done a great job on the lyrics for one more time, since GOJIRA are known for their themes. Life, death, ecology and spirituality are once again the topics that have been used in this album. Are you still waiting motherfuckers? Go get The Way Of All Flesh before the shelves empty!

P.S.: LAMB OF GOD's singer Randy Blythe donates 'guest' vocals in Adoration For None.


4 Star Rating

Toxic Garbage Island
A Sight To Behold
Yama's Messengers
The Silver Cord
All The Tears
Adoration For None
The Art Of Dying
Esoteric Surgery
Wolf Down The Earth
The Way Of All Flesh
Joseph Duplantier - Vocals, Guitar
Christian Andreu - Guitar
Jean Michel - Bass
Mario Duplantier - Drums
Record Label: Listenable Records


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