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Golden Caves – Dysergy

Golden Caves
by Joseph Brewer at 19 May 2020, 11:40 AM

From Holland, GOLDEN CAVES represents a talented musical addition to the world of progressive rock. Lighter than the average metal band, GOLDEN CAVES has innovated a sound that blends complexity and creativity to elevate it to a new level. Formed in 2012, their first album, “Collision,” gained them numerous accolades in Europe and they are now aiming to continue that success with their new album, “Dysergy.” Characterized by dreamy, ethereal vocals and diverse instrumentation, “Dysergy” keeps you engaged with the talent of the musicians and the emotions that each song delivers.

Dysergy” by GOLDEN CAVES kicks the album off with a dreamy, bouncing rock tune in “Chromosome.” Elise Polman gets things started on the keys, setting up a dissonant atmospheric sound, lightly wavering from note to note. Then comes Erik Stein on the drums, which start off the song with a very open and raw sound. A simple drumbeat opens the gate for vocalist Romy Ouwerkerk, who sounds like a classic radio jazz singer; clean, beautiful voice hidden behind a muffled microphone. As the song goes on, this is a nice counter play to the chorus where GOLDEN CAVES kicks into gear. Ouwerkerk leads the way with her powerful voice, letting the song roar to a crescendo. Tim Wensink on bass and Alex Ouwehand on guitar take over after the chorus, thumping notes adding an element of depth to the track and playing nicely against Ouwerkerk. My favorite song from the album, “Chromosome,” allows each member of the band to shine and really highlights their unique sound that draws inspiration from so many sources and merges them together wonderfully.

Dignity” is next up and has a strong bluesy feel to it. Wensink on bass is not hidden on “Dysergy,” as so many bass players are on other albums. The deep, groovy sound he provides is felt all throughout the song, a resonant undercurrent that fills out that heavy element. Ouwerkerk dazzles in the chorus, switching between drawn out high notes and more emphatic spoken words. The band behind her thunders along and compliments Ouwerkerk’s brightness. “Hide & Seek” slows things down for a moment, starting off as more of a ballad. Ouwerkerk croons with her heavenly voice, leading to a chorus that is downright intoxicating. “Come find me…” she purrs as the musicians lay down a thundering, off-beat rhythm that doesn’t let up.

Temperature” and “How to Care” are next in line and start to point towards a shift in the tempo and mood of the album. “Temperature” is a good song, but there are catchier ones on the album. “How to Care” is the first full blown ballad on the album. After the first few tracks of “Dysergy,” GOLDEN CAVES definitely take their foot off the gas and slow things down, becoming much more deliberate in their delivery. “How to Care” takes that to heart and is a lovely ballad, Ouwerkerk delivering what may be her most emotional performance on the album.

The last song to really stand out on the album for me is their single, “Black Hound.” It starts off slow, similar to the couple of songs that precede it. But the chorus stands out as it is raw and infectious; an earworm that will stick with you for days. The chorus kicks off with a deep, harrowing scream that precedes Ouwerkerk’s radiant voice. It’s a bit rougher than the other songs on the album, and therefore, carries a bit more of a powerful effect.

While the front of the album shines with its upbeat tempo, bouncy melodies, and intriguing ideas, I felt like “Dysergy” by GOLDEN CAVES lost a bit of excitement in the album by slowing down every other track. However, their talent as musicians cannot be denied and will not disappoint fans of slower, melodic progressive rock.

Favorite Songs: “Chromosome”, “Dignity”, “Black Hound

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Chromosome
2. Dignity
3. Hide & Seek
4. Temperature
5. How to Care
6. Happy Dreams
7. Samsara
8. Little Lonely
9. Black Hound
10. Somehow
Romy Ouwerkerk – Vocals
Alex Ouwehand – Guitar
Elise Polman – Keyboard
Tim Wensink – Bass
Erik Stein – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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