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Golden Core – Fimbultyr

Golden Core
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 14 November 2019, 6:14 AM

GOLDEN CORE is a Doom/Stoner/Progressive Metal band based out of Oslo, Norway. Their two members are but teenagers. They started the band when they were aged 9 and 11! “Fimbultyr” is their second full-length album; their debut “Norwegian Stoner Metal” was released in 2016. This new album contains eight tracks.

The title track leads off the album, with a steady and even riff, and some feedback. The vocals are mid-way between harsh and clean…more like shouted. The riff is fuzzy and this definitely feels like Stoner Rock to me. The riff begins to slow as the vocals pick up with rage. “Runir skal rista” is a little faster in pace. The riff is still fuzzy and the production muted. The vocals are almost rap-like in their cadence. “Runatal” is a lengthy piece, opening with a slow and steady riff based on the open E chord. From there it slows to a near crawl, picking up slightly in pace just before the half-way mark. It doesn’t deviate much from there, like a lumbering mastodon across a frozen wasteland.

“Hrafnaspa” features a little faster moving song with a basic riff that uses three chords. A supplemental riff provides a bit of pizzazz and groove to the track. The riff slows after the half-way mark. “Villist vaerttir” is a quick song that has a Black Metal blueprint for me, especially when considering the guitars and vocals. “Blod” is another shorter song that opens with a Doomy sounding riff and some darkness creeps in. The vocals are again cadenced in an odd way as Johannes shouts the title over and over. “Buslubaen” is another long track. It opens with some ambiance and light vocal moans/chants. It has long build-in, with drums slowly coming in and then this droning riff. It grinds to a near halt after the half-way mark, with guitar notes sounding like pretty little bells. Then, some anguished screams accompany a heavy riff through the end of the track.

“Lite vet mennesket” closes the album. It features with slow, atmospheric guitar notes that echo a sense of dread, and is quite unlike anything else on the album. I wish there was a bit more of this sound on the album, because overall, it was a little underwhelming. The sound was just a bit too homogeneous for me. Considering that these guys are teenagers and this is only their second release, you have to give them some time to grow. It has potential, but it’s not quite there yet.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 5
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Fimbultyr
2. Runir skal rista
3. Runatal
4. Hrafnaspa
5. Villist vaettir
6. Blod
7. Buslubaen
8. Lite vet mennesket
Simen Jakobsen Harstad – Guitars
Johannes Thor Sandal – Drums, Vocals
Record Label: Fysisk Records


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