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Golden Resurrection – Man with a Mission

Golden Resurrection
Man with a Mission
by Vasilis Odontidis at 05 December 2011, 8:28 PM

GOLDEN RESURRECTION is a Swedish band formed by vocalist Christian Liljegren (NARNIA, AUDIOVISION, DIVINEFIRE) and guitarist Tommy “ReinXeed” Johansson (REINXEED) and “Man With A Mission” is their second album. GOLDEN RESURRECTION plays Symphonic Neo-Classical Power Metal and with lyrics about Christianity.

“Man With A Mission” spans for about 42 minutes and includes a minute and a half intro and an instrumental tune (“Metal Opus In C# Minor”). Eight songs remain. Most of them are in the typical speedy style that one would expect from such a kind of band, songs like “Man With A Mission”, “Identity in Christ” and “Flaming Youth”. Not all the songs go in the same motive; “Golden Times” is an amazing mid tempo song and “Generation of the Brave” is a great Metal ballad.

The musicianship in this record is great, the songs are developed well and the production is also a killer. Liljegren’s voice is top-notch and fits great with the songs and ReinXeed’s guitar playing is marvelous. The sound of the record reminds me of bands like STRATOVARIUS, MALMSTEEN, RHAPSODY (OF FIRE) etc.

The record is not bad, but then again it is not something really extraordinary. GOLDEN RESURRECTION in my opinion are not offering something new with this testimony, however with the keeping of the genre’s successful formula they deliver a decent one. Less but not least I have to say that I listened the record without paying any attention to the lyrics, because I didn’t want to be biased against the band. I generally, don’t fancy any kind of religious lyrics in Metal, be it Christ, Satan or whatever deity – maybe with the exception of Moradin. I do like eventually bands that fall in the one or the other category but this band didn’t impress me on this matter. Anyhow, if you support Christ and good Symphonic Neo-Classical Power Metal this record is worth a try.

3 Star Rating

1. The Light Overture
2. Man With A Mission
3. Identity In Christ
4. Golden Times
5. Finally Free
6. Generation Of The Brave
7. Standing On The Rock
8. Metal Opus 1 In C# Minor
9. Are You Ready For The Power
10. Flaming Youth
Christian Liljegren  – Vocals
Tommy ReinXeed – Guitars, Keyboards, Lead & Backing Vocals
Steven K – Bass & Backing Vocals
Rickard Gustafsson – Drums & Backing Vocals
Kenneth Lillqvist – Keyboards & Backing Vocals
Record Label: Doolittle Group


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