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Golden Resurrection - One Voice For The Kingdom

Golden Resurrection
One Voice For The Kingdom
by Daniel Silva at 27 December 2012, 3:24 PM

Ah, my first review for a 2013 album… How I wish it weren’t a disappointment… GOLDEN RESURRECTION’s "One Voice For The Kingdom" seemed to have great potential when I picked it to review, its description on the Metal Archives said Neoclassical Power Metal, of course at first I thought it to be something along the lines of Yngwie Malmsteen and seemed a good way to go back to the Power Metal genre… but, alas, that was not the case…

First and foremost let me start by stating that there are two ways to review this album each one having a different outcome on how this album might be perceived. The first way would be by focusing on all parts of the songs with the exception of the lyrics, in which case the album would have probably received a 7, maybe an 8, it has good-almost-great solos and all that stuff and powerful high-register vocals that maybe would make Christian Rivel  get on my list of great singers. The second way would be to include the lyrics into the balance, and there lays the trouble… to listen to 50 minutes of God-praising songs is enough to turn my stomach, and before you start a holy war I am actually trying to be “nice” in my review, I am all for songs that delve into what some people might call Spiritualistic subjects such as the nature of Life and Death, etc… but when it starts getting too close to the White Metal world, there is where I stop paying attention.

If it weren’t for the lyrics, this could have been a pretty decent release but unfortunately when you throw them into the mix, this album turns out to be a big disappointment, and I certainly hope this is not a foretelling of the albums that are to come.

2 Star Rating

1. The Temple Will Remain
2. Spirit War
3. One Voice for the Kingdom
4. Night Light
5. Golden Resurrection
6. Can’t Slow Down
7. Heavenly Metal
8. God’s Mercy
9. Born for the Strangers
10. Moore Lord
Stefan K. –Bass
Tommy ReinXeed – Guitars, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Christian Rivel – Vocals
Alfred Fridhagen – Drums
Svenne Jansson -  Hammond Organ, Keyboards
Record Label: Doolittle Group


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