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Goldsmith - Of Sound And Fury Award winner

Of Sound And Fury
by Metal Wim at 15 August 2022, 8:51 PM

Everybody who knows me and my musical tastes is aware that I have been a METALLICA fan from the very start. I first heard their music in 1982 and was sold within seconds. And even though these guys have made some major mistakes in the album department, they are still on top of their game when it comes to writing music. Now you are asking yourself why I needed to start with this statement whilst reviewing GOLDSMITH and their third album “Of Sound and Fury”. Please allow me to elaborate.

On the information I got with the digital files (unfortunately hardly anybody sends out physical copies anymore), the music is described as Thrash meets Rock. Well, I think I can do one better than that. If you ever have wondered if METALLICA would have decided to play and record Melodic Rock in their own unique style. I feel that whatever GOLDSMITH is giving us on their third full length album in eight years, “Of Sound And Fury” is awfully close to delivering just that.

Thing is, GOLDSMITH as a band and “Of Sound And Fury” as an album have to weighed and judged on the musical merits. I can confidently say that this is very much covered as well. The songs are very strong, have the right feel, and do mix Thrash and Rock in just the right mixes. The riffing is very adamant and will remind you of METALLICA more than once, but also have that Melodic edge that makes GOLDSMITH differ from their peers. But what I most evident is that the man who’s name the band comes from, Michael Goldsmith, sounds like the Melodic brother of James Hetfield. The raw edges are there, but he has more of a natural scope, adding beautiful melodic pieces in where they are needed.

As you cab gather by what I have mentioned so far, I am quite taken by “Of Sound And Fury”. And the more I listen, the better I like it. And even though you might think so, GOLDSMITH are not copying METALLICA. They are, however, using a lot of their traits and have translated those to their own sound. And it works. It actually works wonders, as far as I am concerned. So yes, I love “Of Sound And Fury”. My next port of call will be to find out if they have always sounded like this.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability:  9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Inherit The Wind
2. When A Soul Leaks Black
3. The Parade Of Euphoria
4. Demons Of Your World
5. For Those With The Dreams That Were Crushed
6. Hero
7. Higher, Further, Faster
8. The Reprise
Michael Goldsmith - Guitars / Vocals
Dominik Schweizer - Bass
Christoph Brandes – Drums
Record Label: MDD Records


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