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Golem - Death Never Dies (CD)

Death Never Dies
by Thodoris Pantazopoulos at 23 April 2004, 6:50 PM

Thodoris, the little editor, sitting on his chair, wondering: What have I done to my chief editor to deserve a promo like this one? Frankly I don't recall pissing him off that much…this is quite of a vengeance.
Golem are Italian and claim to play Death Metal in the Swedish vein. Ok, this doesn't sound as bad as it really is until you insert the disc in your stereo system. An intro, which could easily belong to a heavy/power metal band, that has completely nothing to do with the rest of the album. So…not the finest way to start, is it? Childish refrains, compositions that couldn't last even in an elephant's memory and generally a very confused band that doesn't know yet what exactly they want to play. And that was a real pain in the ass while listening to it. I could compromise with the idea of having another At the Gates/Dark tranquillity clone if the guitar player wasn't popping out at times performing Edguy-ish solos. It's a sick nightmare having Tobias Sammet and T. Lindberg in the same band…*chills*
No need to have a detailed analysis over here, there are no surprises, nor elements worth mentioning and you certainly don't have to purchase this album. I assure you, there are zillions of releases worthing your precious money and time, so stay away from this unless you've got masochistic inclinations.

1 Star Rating

…From Beyond
Death Neven Dies
Your Deepest Fear
Here Comes The Dark
Something To Remind
The Last Goddess
Against The Sky
Nicola Esposito - Vocals
Ottavio Marzo - Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Matteo De Bellis - Lead and Rhythm Guitars/Backing vocals
Domenico Bottalico - Bass
Damiano Porcelli - Drums
Record Label: Diamond Productions


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