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Golgotha - Erasing The Past

Erasing The Past
by Dave Nowels at 15 October 2019, 5:12 PM

Okay, first things first. This is GOLGOTHA, the band that hails from Palma de Mallorca, Spain. This is not the GOLGOTHA that plays Christian Metal out of Dekalb, Illinois. This apparent popularity of the name from two bands halfway around the world from one another, caused me to research the word 'golgatha'.  The word is used to note the hill near Jerusalem where executions took place, and the place in which Jesus Christ was crucified. It is said that this hill also resembled a skull in it's rocky shape. So there you go Christian enough for the Dekalb band and Doom enough for these fellows from Spain.

GOLGATHA's new release here is called, “Erasing The Past” and is brought to us by Xtreem Music. The band was formed in back in 1992 and has released a multitude of albums and EPs over the years, featuring a variety of lineups. This most recent lineup features mainstay, Vicente Payá on guitar and as primary songwriter, along with Amón López  on vocals, new addition and percussion powerhouse Tomeu Crespí on drums, and M. Angel Riutort “Mega” laying down bass and keys. If you like your Doom low and slow, this should satisfy those particular needs.

Strangely enough, this album may have been a first for me. If only in the fact that I found myself preferring the growl vocals here over the clean vocals. Amón López sounds downright menacing when enveloped in the growls, but surprisingly hollow and timid with his clean takes. Overall the music takes a fairly unique (at least to me) approach, coming across like a Doomy, Death metal band. It's apparent in the brutally effective double kick drums, as well as the theatrical turns the songs take. It's more apparent in songs like “New Hope” “Distorted Tears” and “Land of Defeat” while songs like “Burning the Disease” and “Rewrite Your History” appealed more to the more primal instincts. But then we have a song like the title track, “Erasing the Past” that worked as a perfect blend of the genres.

GOLGATHA has a long history, and it's good to see them still out there creating with significance. “Erasing The Past” isn't an album I see myself personally returning too very often, but there's definitely substance here, and I'd suggest it's worthwhile. It has the potential to be innovative in genre blending and will definitely cater to open-minded fans of both Death Metal and Doom.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Memorability: 5
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. The Way to Your Soul
2. Distorted Tears
3. Enveloped in Fog
4. Burning the Disease
5. New Hope
6. Rewrite Your Destiny
7. Erasing the Past
8. Land of Defeat
Vicente Payá: Guitar
Amon López: Vocals.
Tomeu Crespí: Drums
M. Angel Riutort “Mega”: Bass & Keyboards 
Record Label: Xtreem Music


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