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Golgothan - Leech

by Ricardo Casagrande at 29 April 2022, 3:03 PM

Jai started the band GUTWRENCH in 2011 and released a self-titled EP in 2013. In 2014 they changed their name to GOLGOTHAN in 2014 and released the band's first EP, appropriately called Gutwrench. Later that year they released another EP called The Incantation and another EP in 2016 called Gore Dungeon. After putting out three singles from 2017 and 2020, the band released their fourth EP called Rotting Genitalia. Leech is the first full length release from this Death metal band that hails from Louisiana, USA.

The album opens with an intro called “The Rack” which is a demonically possessed growling voice talking along to what sounds like a music box. Not gonna lie, kinda unsettling. You then find yourself thrusted into “Leech” as the drums are set to demolish and the throat growl of Jai casts a devastating influence over the opening track. The guitars are not to be outdone as they create riff after riff before finishing up the song with some less chaotic picking. “Teeth To Eat You” diabolically drives itself into your senses with rapid fire double kick and haunting vocals. The guitar work becomes very sluggish and weighed down at times as the notes ring out giving the song a less hectic feeling but doesn’t ease up on its destructive force. “Parent Organism” is a speed demon of a track with galloping guitar riffs that drives the pace of the drums and bass to keep up with the rhythm. The track uses some off timing riffs that drills the earth shattering effect home. The song ends off less high tempoed with some rumbling bass and fluent double kick and a solo that complements the track perfectly.

A classically pieced together death metal riff starts up “Gravy Train” and has a darkened snarl of vocals that gives way to a throat shattering growl as Jai uses various styles to transform the track into a beast. Eddie is a workhorse on this song creating a ground shaking platform while the guitars tear down the walls around it. “Winged Death” starts off at a whiplash-inducing pace with thunderous drum work as the vocals are delivered in a powerful form of absolute aggression. The guitars take on a SUFFOCATION meets Black metal form as this track is a straight to the point Death metal track with a screeching solo to go along with it. The last song to mention is “Christian Mingle Killer” as scorching fast guitars give way to crippling chunky riffs and vice versa. The bass distortedly rumbles, matching the intensity of the drums that seem to change beats and timing as the song marches on.

This release is a new aged take on old-school Death metal that also takes on a sense of brutality. The vocals are ferocious in how they are delivered and with various techniques displaying complete control over each track. The songs don’t leave you smothered in a sonic assault as the riffs and drums come together well with various tempos. The album would be liked by many different metal heads whether its Grindcore, Brutal Death, or just classic pomp and stomp Death metal.


4 Star Rating

1. The Rack
2. Leech
3. Teeth To Eat You
4. Parent Organism
5. Gravy Train
6. Bottomless Pit
7. Lard Is My Shepherd
8. Winged Death
9. Christian Mingle Killer
10. The Overlord
Jai Benoit - Vocals, lyrics
Jesse Majors - Guitars
John Leblanc - Guitars
Jerik Thibodeaux - Bass, vocals
Eddie Jacobs - Drums
Record Label: Lacerated Enemy Records


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