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Gomgoma - Efflorescent Graveyards

Efflorescent Graveyards
by Craig Rider at 10 June 2021, 12:58 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: GOMGOMA; signed via Fucking Your Creation Records, hailing from Greek grounds - performing Doom/Sludge Metal, on their debut compilation album entitled: "Efflorescent Graveyards" (released April 17th, 2021). Since formation in 2010; the quartet in question have a Demo entitled: "Sick Theories" (released March 17th, 2011), 2 EPs entitled: "Medicine Apophthegms" (released February 7th, 2015) & "Civilized Punks" (released March 15th, 2015). On top of a compilation album which merges the 1st 2 EPs into one titled itself: "Efflorescent Graveyards". 9 tracks ranging around 1:01:11; GOMGOMA arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Doom/Sludge Metal amalgamations.

Opening up with a blistering array of amplified distortion; "Civilized Punks" starts things off with "Nausea Sempiternity", where rampantly rompy maelstrom finesse executes a boisterously bouncy fabrication in groovy adrenaline and crunchy choppiness. Consisting of twinning guitar duo Billy Ch & James Mo, the shredding rippers manifest with weighty tempos where they test the limits of their speakers with monolithic remedy. Towering with tempestuous nimbleness, rapidly swift substance in dynamically dexterous firepower expertise in which surges with riveting rhythms and a borderline foundation in solid swampiness that slabs thunderous noise profusely.

"To Crap" examines that robustly, where nothing but extreme contortion and aggressive chugs frolic with relentless virtuosity on quintessential pandemonium, trailblazing with skyrocketing ramifications on grindy experimentation as fiercely galloping synergies scour with bleeding chisels where near the end a one-note scourge shrieks with empowering impact that could make ones ear bleed - not for the faint of heart.

"Cardiac Crisis Apparels" begins with this sulfurous melody on rambunctiously piledriving potency where powerhouse slammer Teo Ch vibrantly stomps the set with steely precision and clobbering but volatile melody… not long after, a synthetically systematic shroud of static symbiosis intrudes as computerized harmonies implements either excruciating or sublime snarls, where this is a 24 minute mass of otherworldly noise that spaciously elements hybrid intensities in a bizarre calamity of eerie hypnotism that will unearth some progressively technical trippiness. Where mid-way, this sepulchral voice makes its presence known with guitar feedbacks and other ominously slow cadences in which wander with majestic myth along the way.

This one will either have you marvel through the distinctive entrancements or totally skip this one for its continuum conundrum for lengthy heft on the plus side, there is a uniquely versatile vehemence in fluid distilments in flamboyant but creative resonance with this one but incredibly overrun…this track is for those who can appreciate total uproarious havoc, exploring outbursting but feverish bombardments in outrè panache where tight yet raw malformations transform with sturdy intrigue and ambitious hymns.

With that kaleidoscopic finish, the next EP "Medicine Apophthegms" comes into play next…as a creepy creek of soundscapes & sinister grunts crafts a chunky attribute which venomously injects infectious but triggering thumpiness with "Simpleton", that salubriously contrasts immense gnarliness as drony gravitation executes a slimy yet volatile vibe that smothers with raspy vocals from front man Miltos Pa. Throaty soars roar with shouty bellows, guttural barks and then this seamless one-note yet again chords with nothing but loud strife that will probably give grip a hefty hook or leave a nasty headache - depends on the maximum potential of your metal willpower. "Asstray" is fueled to the brim in killer but flexibly fundamental lacerations that stridently belt a bruisin rift on these upheaval crescendos, charging a berserking vibrato pattern that flows fluidly with persistently persevering feedbacks and a maze of musical transgression in Funeral Black/Doom Metal mayhem - while merging sludgy/stoner stability with enriching flavour.

"Body Halving For The Masses" is a healthy dose in punchy jumpiness, which only lasts at around 2 minutes… until a deathly BLACK SABBATH reference in the abruptly titled "Fuck On With A Strapon" unleashes traditional momentum as a primitively raw riff converges a Heavy Metal trait, similarly profound in the penultimate track: "Suffer The Incubus" before closing with a live cover from ENTOMBED's "Wolverine Blues". Bottom line; I am compelled to say that GOMGOMA certainly outdone themselves with this one, sure there are a lot of setbacks like the 24 minute mass of spellbinding noise & monolithic shrieks of snares that could be a deal breaker, but for the noise-driven enthusiasts that enfuses an immersive blend of crust/hardcore grandures also - "Efflorescent Graveyards" is definitely an enjoyably entertaining headbanger of a discovery that rockers alike can appreciate with the radically wicked tendencies in place. Worthy of spinning & replaying a good handful of times! Check it out.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Nausea Sempiternity
2. To Crap
3. Cardiac Crisis Apparels
4. Simpleton
5. Asstray
6. Body Halving for the Masses
7. Fuck on with a Strapon
8. Suffer the Incubus
9. Wolverine Blues (Entombed Cover) Live in Athens Jul.07.2011
Billy Ch - Guitars
James Mo - Guitars/Noise
Miltos Pa - Vocals
Teo Ch - Drums
Record Label: Fucking your Creation Records


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