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Gomorra - Divine Judgement

Divine Judgement
by John Foley at 07 June 2020, 12:51 AM

GOMORRA are a straight up heavy metal band from Habsburg AG, Switzerland. A band that has been together for quiet some time but have released their debut, "Divine Judgement" back just last month in May. Which a few European tours and festival dates to their name and are a force to be reckoned with and really modernize the sounds of classic 80’s metal acts such as IRON MAIDEN, MEGADEATH, METALLICA and SLAYER.

The album opens with the dark and gloomy sounds of CANAAN, which feels like a calm before the storm. Then the next track, GOMORRA, jumps in and kicks things off. It has elements of The Bay Area Thrash Metal scene mixed with the sounds and vibes of IRON MAIDEN. And with a song with the same name as the band you know that this is their mission statement as to what these guys are all about.

The song "Hope for the Righteous" is a song that gives you a very pirate feel and has one of those stand up and shout kind of choruses that would make for a fantastic song to get the crowd on their feet at a show. "Out of Control" has a bit of a slower tempo than other songs on DIVINE JUDGEMENT but it still is a stand out track. With a lyrical theme of going power mad and bang your head with your fist in the air guitar riffs. Another great tune is "Brother be Damned" with this one you can really hear their IRON MAIDEN influences with a lyrical content of accepting your doom.

"Children of the Land" gives you a real METALLICA vibe with duel guitar solos sounding of  Dave Murray and Adrian Smith. "Angels Amongst Us" is a speed heavy assault with GOMORRA really sounding 100% as a band on this one. The album closes with "Never Look Back" which as a full on old school thrash metal vibe a good mix of elements from the IRON MAIDEN classic THE WICKER MAN thrown in for good measure.

This is a great album full of killer guitar riffs, epic guitar solos, pounding drums and vocals that sound like mix between Bruce Dickinson and Dave Mustaine combined. There is a very strong IRON MAIDEN influence on their sound but with their own twist that truly makes DIVINE JUDGEMENT a brilliant heavy metal album. Well done lads.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Canaan
2. Gomorra
3. Flames of Death
4. Hope for the Righteous
5. Out of Control
6. Brother We’re Damned
7. The City must Fall
8. Children of the Land
9. Cleansing Fire
10. Angels Amongst Us
11. Never Look Back
Jonas Ambühl –  Vocals
Damir Eskic - Guitars
Dominic Blum - Guitars
Nico Ardüser - Bass
Stefan Hösli  - Drums
Record Label: Noble Demon


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Edited 02 April 2023

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