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Gomorrah – Reflections Of Inanimate Matter (Re-issue)

Reflections Of Inanimate Matter (Re-issue)
by Joseph Hausmann at 30 May 2020, 4:25 PM

GOMORRAH has released their 1994 album "Reflections of Inanimate Matter" in a remastered version with the addition of three tracks from an earlier EP. Unfortunately, the band is no longer active but this old school Death Metal outfit still has much to offer us, especially remembering the early days of Death Metal. The raw, vicious gutturals and heavily distorted instrumentals have been given new life through the remastered reissue.

"Without A Trace" opens up the album with a fast-paced bombardment of Thrash elements. The vocals are deep, vicious, and overwhelming. The technicality of this track is broad and the complexity of the riffs shine through. "Deviant" slows down just for a bit to really set the foundation for the classic Death Metal sound before exploding into a faster tempo. The guitar work is remarkable as the riffs constantly change but always stay rooted in the Death Metal element. The vocals add a more sinister power to the track. "Sewer-Cide" firmly sets us in the depths of the dark world they are envisioning. The guitars are tuned down a bit here to give the track a more ominous feel. The vocals are consistent but it's the guitar work that keeps me coming back for more. The guitar solo in this track is both well crafted and executed. The guitar work is the driving force of this album.

"Another Bleak Horizon" begins with a melancholy guitar solo and bass line that gives us more of an insight into the multiple elements that the band employs. There are even symphonic elements that permeate throughout the beginning of the track. It’s interesting that they added this into the album and makes this track distinctly unique to all the others on the track. "Seasons" offers a unique audio element as they use weathercast samples to begin the track before opening up into a bludgeoning beatdown of vicious vocals and heavy instrumentals. The band does dive more into their Thrash influences on this song but the vocals still keep that Death Metal foundation for the listener. The guitar work is enthralling with solos and dueling riffs. "Hidden Life" is one of the tracks from the band's earlier EP and you can tell. The audio quality on this track is much different, definitely dating back. The vocals are more in a Black Metal styling before the band really dove into deep powerful vocals. It’s an intriguing caveat to this album as it shows us where the band originally formed musically to their transformation on "Reflections Of Inanimate Matter."

Overall, "Reflections Of Inanimate Matter" is a blast from the past as it really roots the listener into the early day of Death Metal. The album is an interesting flashback into those not too distant times and really helps us understand where the music that has become so much part of our lives formed. Even though GOMORRAH is no longer active, their contribution to the Metal community will always be remembered through their music. If you are looking to traverse time and remember the early days of Death Metal then this is for you and I encourage you to do so.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Without A Trace
2. Deviant
3. Sewer-Cide
4. Another Bleak Horizon
5. Rejoice In Flames
6. Seasons
7. Human Trophies
8. Hidden Life
9. The General
10. Lost In Leros
Sven Olafson – Vocals
Jose Griffin – Guitars
Fran Robinson – Drums
Mike Prior – Guitars
John Clark – Bass
Record Label: VIC Records


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