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Goom - Solar Motel Award winner

Solar Motel
by Craig “Thrasher” Rider at 06 July 2015, 2:49 PM

At first I thought what rhymes with GOOM and Doom Metal came to mind but this new band are simply just Heavy Rock and they do it very well. Though they aren't Doom Metal, I really sensed a hint of it.

Here we have a Rock band called GOOM from Heerenberg/Schaijk/Geffen, while listening to them after a few tracks I noticed a very familiar couple of voices from the Metal world and they were none other than Ronnie James Dio and Zakk Wylde, mixed with an insane fusion of the two voices in one person. I was stunned because the vocals really work well on that front and Erik de Vocht sounds like he's revived the Dio trademark. Truely awesome.

Sounding like DIO and BLACK LABEL SOCIETY (coincidently) we have a fairly extensive album to get through and as soon as I recognized those voices I was jamming to this great album in no time. Remarkable. Some very catchy tracks in “Solar Motel” my personal favourites were “Universal Evils” “Broke The Mold” “King Instigator” and, well you know what? The entire album is an enjoyable work of art.

The band formed in 2011 and I believe “Solar Motel” is their first album and it is so well done that I'll definitely be looking out for this band in the future. I always say, when you take longer to produce something you'll get a better result, I feel these guys did just that. The artwork is pretty standard but don't judge a book by its cover, even if MEGADETH's “Super Collider” wasn't at all that great but as I said, a rushed album never usually produces great merits.  Give “Solar Motel” a go if you're into Rock. Enough said really.

Every track on the album has a very catchy tone to it especially “Never Trust A Pretty Face” and “Rivers Run Dry” realizing there are some short tracks that can go on for about 3 minutes tops, but nonetheless, this can be an album where you might get addicted to and put on repeat just to make sure it's as good as you think it is and the with extra touch of Dio's and Wylde's talented vocals work in the mix, we have a truly great album and band with potential in our clutches. The album didn't sound too band production wise, it sounded pitch perfect in fact.

Not much else I can recall to say really but this band shouldn't be overlooked if this review intrigued you. After a few listens I found myself pleased with the end result and I feel I'll be supporting this band in the future when I can. For a final word, if you love groovy instrumentation and an enjoyable time within music, “Solar Motel” is perfect for you. Easy listening, not too long, and a Heavy Rock album to enjoy with every listen. Crazy and perfect riffs add the excitement.

4 Star Rating

1. Universal Evils
2. Broke The Mold
3. King Instigator
4. Ison
5. Who Is Your God
6. Never Trust A Pretty Face
7. Black And White
8. Just Like Rats
9. UBV-76
10. Lend Me Your Blood
11. Battles Frozen
12. Rivers Run Dry
Erik de Vocht - Lead Vocals, Bass
Roy Jansen - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Paul Jansen - Drums
Record Label: RVP Records


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