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Gorebringer – A Craving for Flesh

A Craving for Flesh
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 30 September 2019, 3:52 PM

GOREBRINGER release their debut album: A Craving for Flesh. They have been classed by many as Melodic Death Metal, but it is clear to hear that they have Brutal Death Metal influences through out.

The Fog” opens up in a Horror OST kinda vibe. Then the vocals open the song with a weird DRAGONFORCE speed style intro, which doesn’t last too long, going into more of a HYPOCRISY blend, which works well for the sound and overall feel. It’s a great start mixing the heavier aspects of Brutal Death Metal-esq vocals with the insane pace of Technical Melodic Death Metal-esq instrumentalists. There are a few good solos, without running away with it like some bands do, this allows you to appreciate exactly what is going on.

My Sweet Knife” starts with a bellowing scream, joined by a fantastic melody of aggression and pace. The volcals are short and crisp, working well in time with the instruments. The high intensity never ceases, its more Brutal Death than Melodic Death, but its not an issue as its executed to perfection as a blend. “The Cabin” has a slow and eerie build up. It soon picks up into a decent instrumental Melody. Blood Worm soon joins in with a decent Brutal DM approach. The beat is constant and it is held well in vocals along with instruments. There is a clean cut guitar mini-solos that make you realize that is is Melo-Death, not just a BDM band. The overall sound is brilliant, it is a fantastic mix for fans of Melo-Death and the heavier Brutal Death Metal. The band work it all out very well.

Bloodsoaked Chapel” starts off like a more Death Metal style of TOXIC HOLOCAUST. The pace is sky high, it works very well for them. The thick and brutal vocals go very well with the balance and sounds. Stench has clearly got talent, and whilst it would be rude to say he’s carrying the band, he’s certainly leading strong throughout. Carrion is keeping up very well with a thick, pulsating drum beat that will keep your heads banging, your hands and feet tapping along. Blood Worm is certainly capable of a brutal sound and shows his talent very well in this, more so at the end. The start and end of the song show the gore influences well. “The Hollow” slows things down, but remains in full control. Here it feels more Melo-Death than before, due to the almost HEAVEN SHALL BURN approach, it works very well as the band as a whole and singularly seem in full control of what they are doing. They do speed up slightly, but only enough to notice and still think it’s a slower song. It’s a good idea, similar to how Black Metal band EVILFEST did in their last album.

This is a very good album as a debut, its a solid effort and has a great balance in sound. There may only be 3 guys in the band, the these are 3 very talented lads. The vocals are not what you’d expect if you were told it was a Melodic-Death Metal album, but if you give it a chance, it’ll be well worth a listen.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The Fog
2. Meatporn
3. Rivers of Blood
4. My Sweet Knife
5. The Cabin
6. Shattered Sanity
7. Bloodsoaked Chapel
8. The Hollow
9. The Restless Forest
Gorebringer aka “Blood Worm” – Lead Vocals
Stench – Guitars & Bass
Carrion – Drums
Record Label: Gate of the Silver Key Records


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