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Gorefest - Chapter 13 (Reissue)

Chapter 13 (Reissue)
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 06 April 2015, 12:44 AM

The final blow on the head before the first initial signs of decomposition. Following the recent “Soul Survivor” album, which introduced GOREFEST as a bit of an eclectic Rock perspective, it would appear as if the guys wanted to reshape their Death N’ Roll image into something that would sound heavier enough than what was done earlier. Possibly my personal impression, however, I think that the next on the list, “Chapter 13”, also reissued by Metal Mind Productions in the same packaging with the former, emphasized a heftier piece of groove, even filthier and corroded than what CARCASS pulled out of their hat a year earlier or similar to material that SOIL started putting out. Needless to say that right after “Chapter 13” it all went shambles for GOREFEST, but it was as if the guys already knew that it was about to happen thus going gung ho with their material, no matter what the costs.

Boudewijn Bonebakker, which was the chief songwriter behind “Soul Survivor”, less marveled with artistic lead guitaring but more into the crummy caustic solo showcases. Needless to say that the songwriting was a little less adamant than before. In a manner of speaking, “Chapter 13” was the real entrance of GOREFEST into the 90’s as a lot of bands entrusted themselves into the American vibe groove rather than their older selves.  Jan-Chris De Koeijer appeared nifty clearer than ever while even actually singing almost an entire song without snarling or somewhat growling, a kind of a surprise that I never could expect.

Don’t be weary of it just now, “Chapter 13” is not a bad release at all. Actually it is rather in the same scale as “Soul Survivor”. On the other hand, the source of my appreciation for it was the mertis used to create it, well mainly a lot of guts and what I felt that nobody in the band gave a rats ass about what others will be thinking. Basically, this album reeks of a kind of rawness probably due to the overall production values that couldn’t be compared with the previous album, loosen than before but all in all awkward to the point of being industrialized. I believe that when GOREFEST wished to sound extremely unique they nearly crashed down and faltered like on “Broken Wing” or “Repentance” but in a rather different view they shined marvelously on the self-titled “Chapter 13” and the frenzied “The Idiot” or then hidden insanity of “Smile”. Therefore, it is a puzzle story. The rest of material, as on the previous record, turned out solid, heavy and basic as commanded after “Erase”.

“Chapter 13”, in my bill, is a little adventurous even if the music is musically primitive. The general aura that I could gather from the album had me looping in the dark, attempting to find the needle in the hay stack of what the hell they were talking about here. I can’t be absolutely sure of the true reasons of the band’s first disbandment a few months after the release (I will have to take the word of the sources I have), but at least it didn’t take a while for GOREFEST to return, until the second time. Before I go, please notice in the package the demos of the release along with the exciting Dynamo performance live set, well at least some of it, which will leave you with the heavier side of GOREFEST.

3 Star Rating

1. Chapter 13
2. Broken Wing
3. Nothingness
4. Smile
5. The Idiot
6. Repentance
7. Bordello (Instrumental)
8. F.S. 2000
9. All Is Well
10. Unsung
11. Burn Out
12. Super Reality
13. Serve the Masses
14. Chapter 13 (Demo)
15. Nothingness (Demo)
16. I Am You (Demo)
17. Chapter 13 (Remix)
18. Reality (Live)
19. When You Die / Forty Shades (Live)
20. Demon Seed (Live)
21. Erase (Live)
Jan-Chris De Koeijer – Bass / Vocals
Ed Warby - Drums
Frank Harthoorn - Guitars
Boudewijn Bonebakker – Lead Guitars
Rene Merkelback - Organ / Mellotron / Piano
Record Label: Metal Mind Productions


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