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Gorefest - La Muerte (CD)

La Muerte
by David Kaluza at 26 October 2005, 1:29 PM

Finally. A reunion that actually makes sense! When Gorefest decided to throw the towel into the ring a couple of years ago I couldn't help but feel that somehow this was an end unfit for one of the better and most innovative European Death Metal bands.
When the announcements came last year that Gorefest were about to reunite, I admittedly did have my doubts about it. After all, apart from drummer Ed Warby (most notorious of course for his work with Arjen Anthony Lucassen) none of the previous members were seemingly very active in the Metal scene anymore. The big question for me naturally was if there was still something of the chemistry left that made Gorefest's music work all those years ago. The last thing that the world needs after all is yet another bunch of washed up has-beens giving it one more try for the sake of the almighty dollar with their albums and live shows devoid of any sorts of musical aspirations.
I am happy to report that after giving La Muerte its first couple of spins, we can be sure about one thing. Gorefest is back and means business! From the take-no-prisoners opener For The Masses straight down to the closing track La Muerte, the album is about as solid as they come. Musically the band proceeds down the same road they went with Erase (1994) - dismissing most of the 70's influences that were found on Soul Survivor (1996) (which I still consider to be a more than excellent release) in favor of a more straightforward, mid tempo and groovy kind of Death Metal.
Especially the first half of the album manages to impress without end, but overall speaking, highlights are spread pretty evenly over the course of its duration… When The Dead Walk The Earth might very well end up being one of my favorite songs of 2005 with its pounding, brutal riffing, Exorcism and the angry You Could Make Me Kill just beg to be grunted along too with its extremely catchy chorus (much to the annoyance of everyone else in my direct vicinity) and the up tempo grenade Malicious Intent blasts without ever giving in.
Also very much worth mentioning is the fact that in contrary to certain other Death Metal bands out there, here we actually have musicians who are able to play. It doesn't need to be said that Ed Warby is as outstanding as ever on the drums (there is a reason that Lucassen chooses to work with him time after time again, of course) and Jan-Chris' grunt is as recognizable as ever. There also is some more than spectacular riffing and soloing on the album with Boudewijn surely ranking among the best guitar players in the genre.
La Muerte classifies as one of the best melodic Death Metal releases of 2005 and should definitely please the band's fanbase. All in all a very convincing comeback!

4 Star Rating

For The Masses
When The Dead Walk The Earth
You Could Make Me Kill
Malicious Intent
Rogue State
The Call
Of Death and Chaos
Man To Fall
The New Gods
Till Fingers Bleed
La Muerte
Jan-Chris De Koeijer - Vocals & Bass
Boudewijn Bonebakker - Guitar
Frank Harthoorn - Guitar
Ed Warby - Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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