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Gorefest - Rise To Ruin (CD)

Rise To Ruin
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 04 July 2007, 9:34 PM

Smell it, just try to smell it. It is the scent of a rotten body that has been soaked in whiskey. Which is the only band that can smell like that? I am talking about GOREFEST of course! Ok, you got a bit confused with the rotten/whiskey thingie, right? Anyway, the fact is that the Dutch lunatics return equipped with a brand new album and here we are to welcome them!

Formed in 1989, the Dutch act GOREFEST carries 18 whole years of Death Metal history on its back! After five successful full-length albums, the band decided to split up back in 1998. Its members followed different directions and most of them joined or formed non-metal bands/projects. The most successful member was Ed Warby (drummer), who kicked some major ass with his appearances in bands like AYREON and STAR ONE (and of course let's not forget his guest appearance in THANATOS).

Anyway, when the band reformed in 2005, they signed again with their previous label Nuclear Blast to release 2005's magnificent La Muerte. Now, two years later, GOREFEST are here to prove that their return is more than a hunt for money followed by shitty releases. If you liked La Muerte, you will love Rise To Ruin. This album is not what GOREFEST used to play back in the 90's. The speed has been increased a bit and the groovy parts have been decreased. If you are a fan of the Soul Survivor (1996) era, you can better forget it. This is old school European Death Metal, filtered through the sound of the 21st century.

The album shows its true intentions right from the start with Revolt, a song that reveals what you are about to face! Merciless Death Metal that challenges you to headbang for approximately 49 minutes! The Dutch death metallers deliver an album that is solid as a rock, reminding us of the glorious days of European Death Metal, when bands like ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER and SINISTER reigned! The strongest point of this album is that even though it is a bit shorter than 50 minutes, it manages to attract the listener's attention until the end. There is no way that you will skip tracks and stuff. I can guarantee that!

I was just wondering, is something wrong with the European Death Metal scene? Do you see a revival or is it just my imagination? ENTOMBED released a magnificent new album, GOREFEST just did the same thing and DISMEMBER's last album, which was released last year, was unexpectedly amazing! Something good is going on here! Anyway, what I am trying to say is that Rise To Ruin is definitely a great Death Metal album that pays its respect to its roots, while gazing at the 21st century's sky at the same time! I think that this album will be a good present for you!

4 Star Rating

Rise To Ruin
The War On Stupidity
A Question Of Terror
Babylon's Whores
Speak When Spoken To
A Grim Charade
Murder Brigade
The End Of It All
JC - Vocals, Bass
Boudewijn - Guitar
Frank - Guitar
Ed - Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast


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