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Goreinhaled - Unleash the Bloody Storm

Unleash the Bloody Storm
by Danny Sanderson at 28 January 2015, 10:17 PM

Over the space of the last few years, Spain has begun to make a name for itself with its Death Metal scene. There are plenty of great Death Metal acts that are coming out of the country and putting out great albums. GOREINHALED are one of them, and have been recording Brutal Death Metal since 2002. Like many Brutal Death Metal acts, from PUTRID PILE to CEREBRAL BORE, their music is unrelentingly fast, harsh, and more importantly, brutal sounding. "Unleash the Bloody Storm", the bands third full length album, is no different, and sees the band push the boundaries of their music even further than before.

The first thing that strikes me about the opening track, "The Horror Scene", is that the vocals and insanely deep and guttural, and the riffs are just as brutal and ferocious as the vocal delivery. Next comes "Psychoptic Mind" another fast and furious track that is every bit as brilliant as a Brutal Death Metal track should be. The drums and the riffs complement each other so well, and the vocals encapsulate all the death and terror that the song is trying to capture. "Inquisition God" is driven forward by the powerful drumming, and like most of the songs on this record, is short and to the point. This band doesn't mess around when it comes to making interesting and heavy music, and often the songs are over before they've even begun. "Suffering" has a lot more atmosphere to it, with slower, chugging riffs and equally blistering ones. "War of Bastards" really ups the ante as far as the "Brutal" in "Brutal Death Metal" goes, to the point that it is almost over the top; nonetheless, it is a brilliant song. Likewise, "Chaos of the Human Stench" is another blindingly heavy song that is as close to perfect as you can get in this genre. By this point in the album, there isn't much more territory for the band to tread. However, the song "The Hormo of Destruction" goes down a much more technical route, illustrating just how high the musicianship in this band actually is, even for a genre renowned for producing some genuinely fantastic and talented musicians. "Gorelover" is a fairly straight forward song, with thick guitar riffs and vocals that its hard to believe don't destroy a human larynx. This is one of the longer and best songs on the album. "Suicidal Ferocity" lives up to at least part of its moniker, being suitably ferocious from start to finish. The song, which closes the album, "Autodisfigurement (Fetus In Fetu)", is, like every other track on here, incredibly heavy and technical, and is a very good way to close this record.

This band is hugely under-rated. This is as good as anything that the likes of PUTRID PILE have put out in the last few years, if not better. It is well worth taking the time to check this album out.

4 Star Rating

1. The Horror Scene
2. Psychoptic Mind
3. Inquisition God
4. Suffering
5. War of Bastards
6. Chaos of the Human Stench
7. The Hormo of Destruction
8. Gorelover
9. Suicidal Ferocity
10. Autodisfigurement (Fetus In Fetu)
Mauro Hammerition - Vocals, Drums
Record Label: Downfall Records


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