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Gorement - Within The Shadow Of Darkness (The Complete Recordings) Award winner

Within The Shadow Of Darkness (The Complete Recordings)
by Eldad "Blacknasa" Stainbook at 08 October 2012, 1:44 PM

There are many bands in the Metal industry. There are bands that are easily forgotten, bands that we occasionally remember, bands that are good but unknown to people, bands that are good and known and finally we have legendary ones. But there is another kind of bands that I usually call them semi Gods, a status that means that only after years of contemplating people begin to understand how amazing they are. It doesn't mean that they weren't good back when they released albums but after many years their music sounds much better. My personal best example is PENTAGRAM, they were good but after 20-30 times of listening to their albums, they are nothing more or less than semi Gods.

Within this review I have another example in the image of GOREMENT. Century Media just re-released a collection of their music. Basically CD1 presents the album "The Ending Quest" from 1994, which was a good album then and a great album now, a must have for any Black / Thrash Metal Fan. It’s a Masterpiece and it will be very helpful for some new Black / Thrash metal bands to listen to that album in order to better understand how to do play this fusion of genres.

CD2 showcases a collection of some earlier material prior to "The Ending Quest" and some promotional tracks and early demos. Overall it's a great collection of Black and Thrash, more melodic then the material on "The Ending Quest", but great and powerful.

I'm not a big fan of re-releasing albums of lost and forgotten bands, it always seemed to me like finding another way to milk the cow, however in this case Century Media did a favor to remind us of this semi God group.

P.S. - just a shame that this band is gone…

4 Star Rating

1.  My Ending Quest
2.  Vale Of Tears
3.  Human Relic
4.  The Memorial
5.  The Lost Breed
6.  Silent Hymn (For The Dead)
7.  Sea Of Silence
8.  Obsequies Of Mankind
9.  Darkness Of The Dead
10.  Into Shadows

**All songs taken from the album “The Ending Quest” (1994)

1.  Intro
2.  Darkness Of The Dead
3.  Human Relic
4.  Moulder Within
5.  Intro
6.  Process Of Cent
7.  Gruesome Modification Of Form
8.  Obsequies Of Mankind
9.  The Memorial
10.  Into Shadows
11.  Garden Of Delight
12.  Profound Harmony
13.  Soulless Sanity
14.  Gruesome Modification Of Form (live)
15.  Obsequies Of Mankind (live)
16.  Darkness Of The Dead (live)
17.  Exhume To Consume (live)
18.  Blood, Pus And Gastric Juice (live)

*Tracks 1 – 4 taken from the “Human Relic” demo (1991)
*Tracks 5 – 8 taken from the “Obsequies …” demo (1991)
*Tracks 9 – 10 taken from the “Into Shadows” EP (1992)
*Tracks 11 – 13 taken from the “Promo ‘95” demo (1995)
*Tracks 14 – 18 are previously unreleased live tracks (1991) – only on CD
Last Known Lineup

Daniel Eriksson- Guitar
Patrik Fernlund- Guitar
Jimmy Karlsson- Vocals
Nicklas Lilja- Bass
Robin Bergh- Drums 
Record Label: Century Media


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