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Gorgasm – Destined To Violate

Destined To Violate
by Tom Colyer at 16 November 2014, 5:23 PM

Ever since I was thirteen and discovered the Faces Of Death videos, I have pretty much had an obsession with anything obscene and/or offensive. Some may think this is odd but I'm sure many reading this will understand. This is probably where my love for abusive Death Metal comes from and I know for a fact that it is most certainly where my love of bands like GORGASM comes from.  A lot of people find it pretty difficult to see past the absurdly abusive nature of this kind of music, probably because they are too busy trying to stop it from being rammed painfully down their throats by the mere imagery conjured up by the song titles.  I say balls to them because behind it all is a genuinely talented and complex form of art.

The fourth full length release from GORGASM continues on well in a long line of music that could quite easily be the soundtrack to one of the many snuff films that can be found in the darkest corners of the internet. “Destined To Violate” opens with a sample that describes the nature of the music before blasting straight into the sounds of the apocalypse. Blast beats abound and the demonic vocal work of Leski is on top form as the short but sweet songs roll into one another.  What I love about this band is that although the music appears to be nothing more than instruments being beaten aggressively without reprieve, there is a real sense of rhythm behind it. The guitars have a real groove to them at points and there are more than a few brilliantly timed breaks within the music. These slightly off-kilter stop/start moments are incredibly difficult to pull off unless the whole band operates like a slick, well oiled machine. The overall sound of the album is beautifully true to everything that works about the more evil side of Death Metal and they have clearly managed to avoid falling into any of the more popular traps that so many bands have become victims to now, such as just playing mildly intriguing rhythm patterns on palm muted open strings.

Of course, the two greatest features of the album are the song titles and the selection of samples that are employed throughout.  I could quite happily just write a review about how much I love song titles like “Preserved For Pleasure” or “Mouthful Of Menstruation” but that would just be crude. Of all the genres of Metal, I feel that this is one that doesn't get given enough time by most people as they are too quick to lumber all of the bands in the same shock and awe category. Maybe, just maybe if they listened closely enough they would hear their inner psychopath gently whispering to be let out once in a while.

4 Star Rating

1. Starved For Perversion
2. Kuntkiller
3. Destined To Violate
4. Funeral Gangbang
5. Carnivwhore
6. Preserved For Pleasure
7. Visceral Discharge
8. Lubricated In Vomit
9. Infected With Lunacy
10. Sadistic Bliss
11. Corpsified
12. Depraved Depredation
13. Mouthful Of Menstruation
Damian “Tom” Leski – Guitars & Vocals
Kyle Christman – Drums
Ryan Saylor – Guitars
Anthony Voight – Bass & Vocals
Record Label: New Standard Elite


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