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Gorgonea Prima – Black Coal Depression

Gorgonea Prima
Black Coal Depression
by Harry Papadopoulos at 31 October 2010, 3:10 PM

You are an editor in a music web magazine and have to write some reviews. Some bands are well known so you it is easy to write about them. Others are less known but they have a short bio. And there are some bands like GORGONEA PRIMA that have an absolute ‘blank’ in their bio link except for the note that they have released a demo and an EP in the past.

So, let us go straightaway to the album itself. GORGONEA PRIMA is trying something that needs a lot of guts: to combine Black Metal with industrial, EBM and techno music. Even from the first listening one realizes that this is not going to be an easy-going debut album. The thing is if the listener is eager to accept this marriage of sounds or not. “Black Coal Depression” is starting with good expectations. A good sounding riff with some samples in the background… not bad for a beginning. But as the album goes by, you will realize that the EBM/industrial elements dominate the album instead of the Black Metal ones.

I know that the bands I’m going to mention now won’t ring a bell to most of you, but, in my opinion, GORGONEA PRIMA sounds like HOCICO, GOD MODULE or even the Greeks SIVA SIX with guitars and a more “human” drum machine. They have some really nice ideas and I enjoyed some of the songs, but in others I thought that I was listening to the sound fx from the old Batman TV series: “Pow”, “Zap”, “Kapaw” etc. And some vocals are funny, like at the beginning of “Corroded Landscape”. The production is closer to the Electronic music standards, more “clinic” and not that warm as in usual Metal releases. But I believe that this is something they did on purpose.

“Black Coal Depression” is a big bet for this duet from Czech Republic. Mixing EBM with Metal is not the easiest thing for a metalhead to accept. But on the other hand music is a way to intrigue and express yourself. GORGONEA PRIMA may have some things to say to us with their upcoming releases, but they have a long way ahead of them. Oh, and I can’t understand why those guys are ‘Metal’ and not e.g. HOCICO. Anyway…

2 Star Rating

  1. Daylight Pollution
  2. Blast Furnace
  3. Corroded Landscape
  4. Eclipsed By The Sun
  5. Biomechanic Soul
  6. Predestination Of Spectacular Being
  7. 100 Years Of Industrial Burial
  8. Digital Desire
Record Label: Naga Productions


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