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Gorilla Monsoon - Firegod - Feeding the Beast Award winner

Gorilla Monsoon
Firegod - Feeding the Beast
by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 04 March 2015, 11:47 PM

Well, is that a kind of Stoner Metal bands invasion happening nowadays, or does the subgenre became somewhat more evident?

This question comes from the fact that, in the last two or three weeks, Big Daddy here saw a great number of bands from this subgenre appearing on reviews from many sites and magazines, and some that I never could think that could exist. Well, I truly don’t like when this kind of thing happens, because when you reach a great number of bands from one Metal style, it really can bother our ears. But the German quartet GORILLA MONSOON, that mixes Stoner Metal with Sludge Metal aspects, is a very good band, and arrives now with their new album, “Gorilla Monsoon”.

It’s their third album, so in some traditions into the Metal scene, it is their finest moment, the album done to be their masterpiece, the one that will turn them more known on Metal scene worldwide. But to those who are less superstitious, it’s just their new album, and their music is strong and heavy, with an abrasive guitar work that makes it all become heavier. But the vocals are aggressive in normal voice tunes, as the rhythmic basis is heavy and strong. And it’s very good!

The sound quality is almost perfect, where we can hear all the musical instruments and arrangements perfectly, but the sound you’ll hear is strong abrasive and heavily bitter, as a Sludge Meal band must sound. They present us with ten songs, all of them very good, having their best moments on “Hammerdown”, “P.O.R.N.”, “Bastard Business”, and “Law of the Riff”, all of these four songs showing very good work of the band as a whole. But don’t be so lazy and hear it from the beginning to the end.

This album presents to us fine music and a very good band, so hope them success as they deserve.

4 Star Rating

1. Goatlord
2. March of the Hellrock Inc.
3. Hammerdown
4. P.O.R.N.
5. Bastard Business
6. Law of the Riff
7. Call of Gaia
8. Shotgun Justice
9. Firegod
10. Glory Days
Jack Sabbath - Vocals, Guitars
K.K. - Guitars
Chris - Bass
Drumster - Drums
Record Label: Supreme Chaos Records


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