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Gormathon - Following The Beast Award winner

Following The Beast
by Aaron "Five Magics" Price at 19 September 2014, 5:26 PM

"We are living in the land of the living!" here is an album I have been waiting for forever. Two years ago we were treated with a single "Land Of The Lost" and an EP for "Celestial Warrior" and since then, nothing. Two years pass and what do you know, being released through Napalm Records here comes the second GORMATHON album "Following The Beast" and I'm telling you now, the wait was worth it. Tony Sunnhag's vocals have never felt so powerful as they do on this album, the instrumentals from each member are all spectacular and even though it took 4 years from the last album and 2 years from the EP, the wait is over.

"I am back from the fire, retribution is calling my name" this sums up the album entirely, they're back and it's time to prove they're back for blood. "Remedy" kicks us off, being an introduction, anyone who's new to this Melodic Death Metal band will be shocked, holy shit man this Lord of the Rings looking dude can actually sing! This is your intro, you won't get past it until the next track. A couple songs after we get to the song I want to one of the three new songs I would love to see live, "Hellbender" is one of the most powerful songs there is. No solos, straight instrumental power with the vocals, this song also features a chant of the songs titles that I can only imagine the crowd doing live. Its the kind of scene that could bring tears of blood to your eyes (because real tears aren't Metal). Follow down a few tracks past one of the EP songs "Celestial Warrior" and a couple new songs and we reach song number two I want to see live, "Remember." The intro guitar is a METALLICA style of song introduction, then when you'd expect clean singing it kicks into a slow Death Metal songs with clean guitars but raspy vocals. Who would have guessed this would sound so good? A lot of this song is done through clean singing, but for the style and tempo of the song I think the way its mixed is done absolutely perfectly. Now what happens when the song speeds up a little? The riff gets 100x more incredible, both Tony's prove their worth, who does it better is up to you. With a small fitting solo and the song going back down to gear, the song comes to a close. Now for song number three to finish off my rant of this album, "Warlord Of Doom" I've loved the sound of this song since Napalm Records released the promo video for the album and we got a brief teaser. The song starts up clean but quickly speeds up with a heavier distorted riff, the way this song is presented is done perfectly. The song sounds like someone scrambling to understand that an army is approaching, and quick. You don't have much time get ready to fight when the sun rises because you're about to "walk through the fire to fight the "Warlords Of Doom." I think you get the idea, scrambling, crazy, the atmosphere is perfect.

It's incredible to believe that this band has such an impact on me and I'm sure a ton of people don't have a single clue who the hell I'm talking about. Pick up this album, GORMATHON will blow you away and "Following The Beast" does not follow their first album, it's a full step up from then!

5 Star Rating

1. Remedy
2. Land Of The Lost
3. Hellbender
4. Break The Chains
5. Celestial Warrior
6. In Benevolence
7. World Of Sin
8. Remember
9. Warlords Of Doom
10. Into Oblivion
11. Silent Walk
Tony  Sunnhag - Vocals
Stefen Jonsson - Guitars
Markus Albertson - Guitars
Kale Svedåker - Bass
Tony Sandburg - Drums
Record Label: Napalm Records


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