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Gorod - A Maze of Recycled Creeds Award winner

A Maze of Recycled Creeds
by Dave “That Metal Guy” Campbell at 06 November 2015, 3:28 PM

GOROD is a Death/Progressive/Jazz Metal band based out of Bordeaux, France. Formed in 1997 under the original name “GORGASM,” the band has previously released four full-length albums. “A Maze of Recycled Creeds” is the band’s fifth release, and contains ten tracks. “Air de I’Ordre” sets an opening tone of frailty and beauty, with its soft piano entrance, leading into the technical and mechanical track “Temple of the Art-God.” Death Metal vocals lead the sound, but it’s the varied meter and super-fast riff changes that provide the meat of the sound, if you will. It’s really unlike anything that I have heard to date. Some of the uses of melody and chord patters are very unique, and it wasn’t for the insane drumming and vocals fry, you might not be totally convinced that you are listening to Heavy Metal, as far as the umbrella definition goes. “Celestial Nature” is a slightly different beast, as it relies on the strength of the main riff and harmonies amidst the organized chaos of the rest of the instrumentation. The structure of this song is awkwardly right, in an almost indescribable way. The interlude smacks of free flowing jazz and is chocked full of melodies. “Inner Alchemy” is another winner. The beauty of the opening sequence is like the yin to the yang of the remainder of the track, which picks up steam pretty quickly. The guitar and bass parts that work in unison are just stunning to listen to. “The Mystical Triad of Artistry” by contrast is a bit more deep and dark, until the might of the chorus flows over you with a really nifty melody and glittering guitar solo done in a perfect sequence.

“From Passion to Holiness” showcases some more of the impeccable timing that the band has. Sometimes it is too tight to even comprehend, and leaves the listener wondering how difficult it must be to compose this, much less perform this. But the genius, to me, is in the overall presentation, in how the technicality is married to the melody. “Dig Into Yourself” has a fun, swinging riff that melds well with the heaviness of the vocals and other instrumentation. It’s like putting ketchup on your eggs…you wouldn’t put ketchup on chicken per se, but admit it…it just works well with eggs. “Rejoice Your Soul” heads a different direction, with a running bass line leading the way amidst some eerie chimes and an eventual guitar riff that moves along with surprising twists and turns that you would not expect. Closing the album is the song “Syncretic Delirium.” The word “syncretic” is “the combining of different, often contradictory beliefs, while blending practices of various schools of thought.” I cannot think of a better way to describe the music that has been presented here any better than that. This is without a doubt one of the most singularly, uniquely memorable albums that I have heard this year. Dancing, tightly packed instrumentation that is playful yet completely serious at the same time. The technical elements are super-strong and the musicianship is clearly at a very advanced level, but it does not overshadow the pleasing melodies that are interwoven. The sheer brutality of Death Metal is also not lost in the mix. This is the kind of album that really represents where I feel the future of Heavy Metal is headed.

5 Star Rating

1. Air de I’Ordre
2. Temple of the Art-God
3. Celestial Nature
4. Inner Alchemy
5. The Mystic Triad of Artistry
6. An Order to Reclaim
7. From Passion to Holiness
8. Dig into Yourself
9. Rejoice your Soul
10. Syncretic Delirium
Julien “Nutz” Deynes - Vocals
Mithieu Pascal - Guitars
Nicholas Alberny - Guitars
Ben “Barby” Claus - Bass
Karol Diers - Drums
Record Label: Listenable Records


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