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Gorthaur's Wrath - War For Heaven Award winner

Gorthaur's Wrath
War For Heaven
by Azmo Lozmodial at 29 July 2013, 4:59 PM

It was really good news for me when I first heard that GORTHAUR’S WRATH, one of the first Croatian Black Metal bands, will release the second full-length album through Eternal Sound Record this year. The new record “War For Heaven” will follow the same excellence of the band's debut album “Ritual IV” that has been released in 2008 by Cascet Music. I've been introduced to this band before years when I watched the music video of the track “Shadow Mirrors”, and I was following the news of this band since then, and here is the Croatian monsters are back with more aggressive and sinister music.

Though I am not really familiar with the Croatian Metal scene nowadays, but the skilled flooding riffs of this record made me believe that the scene is rich and promising, especially the extreme Metal field. The musical odor of this record has a body of monstrous Black Metal riffs, with some arms of Death \\ extreme Metal breezes through anarchy of the music, which made the whole production sounds more unholy and diabolic, so the fans of the Norwegian and the Swedish Black Metal scenes will enjoy every single vicious moment in this record, from the atrocious first tracks and till the vehement end. To be more specific, the worshipers of bands like WATAIN and NECROPHOBIC will sink deeper into this music, and will be enchanted by the experienced immunity behind the walls of riffs that the band created in this album.

Though there are a lot of Black Metal bands out there are trying to create such an evil black metal sound, but somehow GORTHAUR’S WRATH has managed to make fresher and preferable Black Metal tune, and the tracks "Dawn of A New race" and "The Lucifer Rebellion" are good examples of what I mean here. The worshipers of WATAIN and MARDUK will like the tracks "1000 Years", "The Son Of Belial" a lot, because the influential and grim melodies of these tracks follow the same pattern of these bands, which make this record distinctive in the realm of Black Metal. The band is not cloning any other band, because this group has managed in this record to add their own touches on these wicked riffs to sound original. The production of this album is really better than the previous album “Ritual IV”, every single instrument is audible and effective on the final production, the guitars are distorted enough to cover your face with blood and distortion, which made the overall quality sounds cruel and atrocious.

 Just or the record, this album is not recommended for you if you're searching for some modern Black Metal tracks with modern crappy elements, because this record belong only to the black hearted listeners and the true Black Metal addicts. “War For Heaven” is a real solid album for this Croatian cult, so prepare yourself for a blasphemous journey into the world of fire and darkness and get your copy now.

4 Star Rating

1. The Great Creation
2. Übermensch
3. The Lucifer Rebellion
4. Birth Of Sin
5. Inverted Spirits
6. Coming Down to Earth
7. 1000 Years
8. The Son Of Belial
9. Dawn Of A New Race
10. Supreme Illusion
11. Faithfall
Morbid - Vocals & Lyrics
Ross Feratu - Lead, Rhythm & Acoustic Guitars
Count van Conrad - Rhythm Guitars
Māra - Bass & Keyboards
Kraven – Drums
Record Label: Eternal Sound records


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