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Gory Blister - Skymorphosis (CD)

Gory Blister
by Panagiotis Koutsompogeras at 20 March 2006, 10:00 PM

Gory Blister began their history in Death Metal by debuting with a couple of Demo tapes - Spoilt by Greed in 1991 and Hanging Down The Sound in 1993. That release got several kudos both from reviewers and fans, and the band got on stage for their first headlining Italian shows. Gory Blister are extremely good musicians and instrument players as it is so very obvious by the easiness they execute all the quite hard and difficult parts they have to play on this album.
It is also very obvious that they are so hugely influenced by the mega masters of technical Death Metal, Death. In fact if Chuck was still alive, he might have participated in Skymorphosis. Gory Blister's music is full of leads, melodic yet vicious, fierce and tough at certain points. If you are into experimental Progressive Death Metal then Gory Blister is one of your obvious choices for the next record you will buy.
Mascot Records which does not usually sign bands in the style of Gory Blister, made this important exception for these talented guys. The lyrics mostly deal with astronomical and cocmological matters such as quasars and so on. Quite interesting stuff, don't ya agree?
Since many listeners throughout the Heavy Metal universe consider Gory Blister's quite close enough to the archbishops of Death Metal - the spiritual child of master Chuck Schuldiner's Death, the chinese label Area Death Production asked the band to be one of the main acts of the Tribute To Death which was released in China in December 2004. Gory Blister's tribute to Chuck is the cover version of 1000 Eyes, from the Symbolic album.
There are so many tempo changes and tons of riffs that you will need a lot of time to distinguish which songs you like and which not and generally to decipher this album's meaning. The album was produced by Gory Blister and Gabriele Ravaglia at Fear Studio, it was engineered by Gabriele Ravaglia, Riccardo Paso Pasini and Raff, while the cover artwork was designed by B-Lial.
Gory Blister support the idea that Death Metal is a form of Art! Now, I think it is about our time to support them.
- Album Highlights: Sailing To Achernar, Blood-Sweating Wall, I Shall Hang Myself, The Soul-Slitters and of course 1000 Eyes.

3 Star Rating

Procession To Apocalypse
Sailing To Achernar
Skin Legacy
Blood-Sweating Wall
I Shall Hang Myself
Black Canvas
The Missing Planet
The Soul-Slitters
1000 Eyes (Death cover)
Adry - Vocals
Raff - Guitars
Frederick - Bass
Joe - Drums
Record Label: Mascot Records


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