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Gothic - Demons

by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 26 March 2017, 10:32 PM

Into the darkened depths of ambiguity, things come into place, a sort of inner calmness right before a massive storm that is about to rage. From the coldness of the Transylvanian winter, I was acquainted with the melancholic Gothic / Death Metal band GOTHIC, certainly one of the oldest Metal bands in Romania, formed back in the early 90s. Sadly that not too many Romanian bands actually made an impact on the worldwide scene, yet no one is giving up just yet. GOTHIC, through their career, were able to support some of the bigger acts in Metal while also performing in the Wacken Metal Battle as Romania’s representative. This year, under Loud Rage Music, the band released their brand new album “Demons”, a token of brutal heaviness bearing their deep dramatic aura of their wayward ways.

As I started listening to the first track of the album, immediately I could notice the signatures of the German long running modern Gothic Metal machine, CREMATORY, minus the keyboards. However, GOTHIC also share a rather impressive technical skill. Not exactly what I could refer as progressive or overly artistic technical sense, yet, being riff based in general, they try to come up with compositions and arrangements that are slightly more challenging. As a rhythm guitar fan, I was witness to some of the heaviest examples of this subgenre, no doubt bone crushing headbangers. In addition, “Demons” also shares melodies, whether through the combinations of clean vocals with the low end growls, or within the lines of the guitar playing. Along the line there were several ample soloing bursts, yet not as I would have liked. In return, the band added a few Synth sections, an element that attributed to the Industrial effect on some of the songs.

Since the band have been trying to produce their music as a bit more articulate, it is evident that the band’s songwriting would be accordingly. Each song has its own identity, ascertaining a kind of diversity that is quite good. “Catacombs” appears to be a big chunk of drama that includes greatly written melodies, destructive grooves and fine piece of soloing. Honestly, this number has to be listened more than once, it won’t sit on your lips immediately, its music would do the talking. “From Within” displays a riff based chugger with conviction, well composed melodies and guitar harmonies. I think the overall mix damaged a little the effect of those melodies, paving the road to a much stronger rhythm guitar riffs, and it goes hand in hand with the band’s wishes, yet not too overwhelming. “A New End” turned out to be a song in Romanian, pretty neat, displaying a melancholic Alternative direction within the band’s Gothic Metal perception, might as well be one of the band’s hits to rely more public support. “Demons”, the wicked self-titled, is a melodic Industrial generator, developed into a heavyweight modern Death Metal, one of the better songs of this release.

Can’t really say that I expected much from these guys, but I am glad that my journey with their release went in a positive note. These veterans should have been high up the Metal ladder, maybe they can still do it.


4 Star Rating

1. Shadow Man
2. Disillusion
3. Demons
4. Catacombs
5. Time
6. Destroying the Masses
7. From Within
8. A New End
Alin Petrut - Guitars / Vocals
George Lazar - Vocals
Csaba "Taly" Talpai - Bass
Vlad Golgotiu - Drums
Record Label: Loud Rage Music


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