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Gotthard - Domino Effect (CD)

Domino Effect
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 03 June 2007, 7:30 PM

I was really glad to see the latest effort from the Swiss rockers GOTTHARD falling into my hands for a review. Unfortunately, I was not the one to review their previous work, which by the way kicks major ass, but I had the chance to say my opinion on their Made In Switzerland (2006) live album. I hope this album is as good as their previous one. I will have to listen to it to find out.
As previously mentioned, the band comes from Switzerland. Since this band's releases have been reviewed in the past and bio information is mentioned, there is no need in saying the same things over and over again. The only thing that you may need to know is that this is the band's second release through Nuclear Blast. Let's have a look at this album's music now…
Before I even have the chance to listen to Domino Effect, I had a nice chat with the high and mighty Grigoris and he was 100% right about what he told me. GOTTHARD manage to attract your attention with their incredible melodies, but they fell into the trap their label has set up. I was really suspicious when I learned that GOTTHARD signed with Nuclear Blast. The first I want to sell like BON JOVI symptoms were visible at the band's previous album Lipservice. Domino Effect justifies every single suspicion I had and offers us 15 tracks that are more predictable than the team I support is in the European Champions Cup (European soccer fans will already have understood which team I support). Yeap, the melodies are incredible, Steve's vocals are superb as always, the production kicks ass, the rhythm section kills, but the album is obviously set up by the label. It is as if the band said we have to do this and that to make it sell more than any other album we have released and they may finally manage to do it. The band is still very good but it definitely does not have the energy it once had. I am not disappointed neither surprised since I expected such a move. Do not forget that BON JOVI did a similar move and still love their music!
If you are not a true fan (I do not even know if this band has such fans) and love this radio friendly Hard Rock/AOR/Pop style you should definitely buy Domino Effect. You will fall in love with GOTTHARD's sing along catchy choruses. One more thing, I have seen this band performing live and you have to experience it! You can't simple imagine the energy this band has on stage!

3 Star Rating

Master Of Illusion
Gone Too Far
Domino Effect
The Call
The Oscar Goes To…
The Cruiser (Judgement Day)
Heal Me
Letter To A Friend
Tomorrow's Just Begun
Come Alive
Bad To The Bone
Where Is Love When It's Gone
Can't Be The Real Thing(Bonus Track)
Steve Lee - Vocals
Leo Leoni - Guitar
Freddy Scherer - Guitar
Marc Lynn - Bass
Hena Habegger - Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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