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Graceless - Where Vultures Know Your Name Award winner

Where Vultures Know Your Name
by Craig Rider at 10 March 2020, 5:56 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: GRACELESS; signed via Raw Skull Recordz, hailing from the Netherlands - performing Death/Doom Metal, on their sophomoric album entitled: "When Vultures Know Your Name" (released March 27th, 2020).

Since formation in 2016; the quartet in question have 2 albums, the 1st entitled: "Shadowlands" (released in December 6th, 2017) and these here 2nd album entitled: "When Vultures Know Your Name". They also have a Split entitled: "Endless Spiral Of Terror" (released October 30th, 2019). 8 tracks ranging at around 45:40; GRACELESS arrange an intricately designed formula of heavy-hitting Death/Doom Metal amalgamations, "Lugdunum Batavorum" begins the record - developing a gnarly fabrication of meticulously monstrous meatiness. Forging an amplified dose of trailblazing rampancy; uniquely vehement versatility that manifests boistrously bouncy crunchiness and a blistering barrage of rocketing frenzies, chugging into a galloping frolick of savage distortion while culminating fluidly polished sound production perseverence.

Consisting of Kreft on vocals/guitars; the frontman excels into a gritty, guttural howl…growling with throaty snarls & raspy pipes. Lungs nail it into a killer juxtapostion of other worldly proportions, while "Retaliation Of The Wicked" embellish into an experimental convergence with the Death/Doom aesthetic immensely well. The guitars fret into a groovy execution of rip-roaring shreds, thundering with profusely robust ramifications while lacerating jumpy outrè's of panache & ruthless pandemonium. Showcasing quintessential virtuosity, rawly rough substance & organic yet rapidly swift nimbleness persist with rumbling yet riveting retribution. Bjorn on guitars also attributes adroitly consistent exuberence, implementing a hybrid dimension of wildly rushing sharpness and a hasty but hostile element of ominous atmospheres.

"Commander Of Christ" contrasts a creatively detailed dynamic of volatile malice, supplying a dextrous bombardment of neckbreaking stabilty & tight songwriting musicianship. Mellifluently injecting an infectiously intense craftsmanship from audible bassist Jasper, dominating a borderline foundation of punchy filth and concretely immersive harmonies. Hymns hardened with melodic malevolence, and a rambunctious mass of pummelling mayhem. Speaking of which; Marc on drums hammers his steel with precision & an battering arsenal of triggering slams, revolved around a seamlessly sonic armanent of rampaging drum cymbal tapping that speeds with rhythmic rage. "Nine Days Of Mourning" opens up with this overarch of ambient doom/gloom mood, this vibe is constant throughout the record and is transistioned with utmost perfection.

Structurely speaking; GRACELESS professionally merge these sub-genres with skillful results, with the deadly contortion of fat & depthly but sinister riffs to the ambiency of doom thumping with pulsating rituals, while unleashing solid quirkiness… the band embellish on vibrantly upbeat snappiness. "Here Be Dragons" sticks to you like hot rubbing tar; razor-scattering with an evil embodiment of enchanting entrenchments in which salubriously provides rich yet frantically energetic lamentation of relentless remedy. "Warpath" needs not to be described surely? It is in the title; smothering eardrums into a sublime slab of vicious yet musical havoc, generating fuzzy soundscapes & mid-tempos that slither with variety while establishing a complex chunk of enriching headbanging experiences.

Overall concluding "Where Vultures Know Your Name" with the finale epic: "Embrace The Rain" which once again impressively fuses the Death/Doom joint with primitively primal subjugation which wonders with prodegiously fulfilling enlightenments that left my soul wanting to replay it continuously, it is a distinguishably distinctive performance that has a crazy amount of value. Bottom line; if you are a fan of both Death/Doom Metal, you maniacs reading this will most definitely want to discover this one out as GRACELESS certainly outdone themselves here. A pretty much masterful recording indeed!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9


4 Star Rating

1. Lugdunum Batavorum
2. Retaliation Of The Wicked
3. Commander Of Christ
4. Nine Days Of Mourning
5. Here Be Dragons
6. Where Vultures Know Your Name
7. Warpeth
8. Embrace The Rain
Kreft - Vocals, Guitars
Marc - Drums
Jasper - Bass
Bjorn - Guitars
Record Label: Raw Skull Recordz


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