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Gracepoint - Echoes

by Jessica R. Harman at 15 October 2016, 5:22 AM

GRACEPOINT was born in the Untied States of America, in Minnesota. These guys have released a self-titled demo in 1998, a debut album in 2000 “Science of Discontent”, and are back after sixteen years with their second, self funded, album “Echoes”. ““Echoes” is the result of a collaboration with legendary producer/engineer Neil Kernon (DOKKEN, QUEENSRYCHE and NEVERMORE).” It comes in with ten tracks and just a bit under 47 minutes of listening time.

The opening track “Animal” starts off pretty heavy with a super deep bass line. The melody is streamlined and the vocals are perfect. As with most progressive metal the vocals are clean and have that elegance that comes with most progressive metal. It’s a decent intro track. It definitely has many elements these guys show off throughout the entire album. “Secrets”, track three, is sexy, plan and simple. It’s a gorgeous instrumental that is less heavier than most of the rest of the album. This track is guitar heavy and allows the listener to understand they type of musicianship these guys have. This doesn’t mean the bass and the drums don’t play parts in this track. It is stunning work all the way around. I just wish there was more.

Track five “Somber” has an AUDIOSLAVE, Chris Cornell feel from the beginning. It is insane how similar the vocals themselves are to Cornell’s in this track. There is an interesting mid song instrumental interlude that transforms this track. It is hard, it is progressive, it is alternative, and it is a rock star track. A slower yet still heavy track is “July 4”. It keeps a more alternative feel, but still keeping true to GRACEPOINT, there is a progressive sound weaved in through the track. Another mid track interlude turns this track around and back again. It is an interesting mixture that is polished and unique. Title track “Echoes” is possibly my favorite track on the album. I think this is the most adept track on the album. The elements blended together here to create a track that has master musicianship. Just through this song alone, it’s interesting to know that they don’t have a record label. Come on label companies, you got to get it together on this one.

I’ve seen where these guys are getting the shaft for a couple of reasons, one being that it took sixteen years to release a second album and two because they are “just another progressive metal band” Well, this is what metal is about: a group of people with no record label creating fantastic music one their own. They pay for everything themselves, they have full time jobs, they have families they take care of, and they are creating class A Prog Metal. There is so much goodness that comes from this album that the quirks that it does have is far less than the music that is presented. This is an album for all metalheads, but if you have a love for progressive, definitely give GRACEPOINT’s “Echoes” a listen.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Animal
2. Spider
3. Secrets
4. Full Circle
5. Somber
6. Crucible
7. Bittersweet
8. July4
9. Echoes
10. Moon
Matt Tennessen – Vocals
Stefan Radzilowski – Guitar
Lon Kunze – Guitar
Sam Van Moer – Bass
Lance Reed – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 04 December 2022

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