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Graces Downfall - Change. Adjust. Continue. Award winner

Graces Downfall
Change. Adjust. Continue.
by Cami Kyttle at 28 September 2014, 8:28 AM

From Scranton, Pennsylvania the guys of GRACES DOWNFALL know how to get your attention.  Their new CD "Change. Adjust. Continue." is sure to be one that won't be leaving your CD player for a while.  This is a rock band that belongs on the main stage.

The album starts off with "Fight," which from listening I am assuming is about a custody battle.  This tune begins with an intriguing drum and guitar solo that really draws the listener in.  The vocalist has an edgy tone that works really well with the rest of the band.  In the last verse, the singer uses a rough, angry tone that really gets his point across and completes the song.

"Letter to Lainey" gives GRACES DOWNFALL a unique and interesting sound.  I really liked that the vocals are not projected normally in this song.  To me, it sounded kind of like they were being put through some sort of filter.  It added a lot of emotion to the song.  I also enjoyed the alternation of regular singing to more forceful singing.  It helped break up the song and keep the listener drawn in.

My personal favorite song of the album? The winner is "Let's Grow Old." With lyrics like, "Let's grow old…together me and you…there's nothing we can't do"  this is a classic fairytale love story gone musical.  This is a song where I felt the vocals could be a bit louder, but I still loved the tune.

"Riptide on the Oasis" is a surprising and creative twist to "Change. Adjust. Continue."  At almost five minutes long, this song is strictly instrumental.  Five minutes with a lack of vocals may seem like forever, but I listened to almost the entire song before realizing that much time had passed.  Each note played perfectly coincides with the other band members melodies and really keeps the listener engaged without saying a word.  This song was a great way to break up the album and showcase how much talent the rest of the band has.

Another song that stood out on this album is entitled "Strumpets."  My first thought? What the hell is a strumpet?!  From lyrics such as, "if you ever leave your band…she'll replace you…no question" I can only conclude it is about groupies.  The entire song is what a male that plays in a band may have to go through…women who only want to say they're dating a musician.

GRACES DOWNFALL's new album is definitely a winner.  These guys will have no problem selling this CD.  I think that it is very well produced, minus the fact that in my opinion the volume of the vocals could be a little louder in certain songs.  There is a unique sound to the songs that sets this band apart from the others.  I think "Change. Adjust. Continue." will be able to hold it's own against many rock albums.

4 Star Rating

1. Fight
2. Letter to Lainey
3. Lost Time
4. Let's Grow Old
5. Jesus Crutch
6. Riptide on the Oasis
7. Strumpets
8. Drop the Case
9. Scranton
10. Leah
Kenneth Norton - Vocals
Mark Yanish - Guitar
Grant Williams - Bass
Jamey Fisk - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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