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Graham Bonnet Band - The Book Award winner

Graham Bonnet Band
The Book
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 17 December 2016, 11:28 AM

Maybe many newcomers to the Metal scene never heard the name of Graham Bonnet, a talented English singer that sang with RAINBOW, ALCATRAZZ, MSG (for those who don’t know, it means MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP) and IMPELLITTERI. But his particular voice and way of singing is a great influence for many singers in Metal and Rock. Now, he and his band, GRAHAM BONNET BAND, released a new and excellent album, called “The Book”. “The Book” is a double CD with the disc 1 being the album itself, showing that the time passed, but his talent to create excellent songs is the same from the past. Of course, his style is not modern, but he knew how to put his old Hard Rock songs in a modern format, and they work pretty well, filled with catchy choruses and melodies, but with an elegant weight. Welcome to his world, dear nephews and nieces, because the lesson is about to begin.

The sound quality of “The Book” is really excellent, and it is truely responsible for the songs sounding new and fresh, being distant from what some clones of the 70s try to do. No, Graham and his mates aren’t following the old ways, but trying to be new, and they got it! Having Angelo Vafeiadis playing the keyboards parts on the disc 2 (where the past is alive), we see that the album is not focused only on Graham’s voice, but all the musicians have their due personal spaces. You can bet that they will conquer you with songs as the melodic and energetic “Into the Night” (excellent keyboards and guitar parts), the catchy and accessible “Welcome to my Home”, the abrasive weight of “Earth’s Child (I am Your Son)” (this one presents a very good work from bass guitar and drums, and an excellent chorus), the tender harmonies of “Rider”, the savage melodies of “Dead Man Walking”, the modern and abrasive elements that fill “Where Were You?”, the wild Rock ‘n’ Roll elements from “The Book” and from “California Air”. I don’t need to write this, but I will: Graham is singing in a perfect form, filling all the songs with his particular and great voice. His band’s comrades are really amazing as well.

On the disc 2, we have homages to his past, with songs from his time with his former bands, but this is not a compilation, because the band recorded new versions! So be prepared for some classics as “Eyes of the World”, “All Night Long”, “Lost in Hollywood” and “Since You Been Gone” from RAINBOW (besides the last one is a version for an old song from ARGENT, the same band from “God Gave Rock ‘n’ Roll to You”, that KISS made famous with their version); “Night Games” and “S.O.S” from his first solo album from 1981; “Assault Attack”, “Dancer” and “Desert Song” from his times on MSG; “Island in the Sun”, “Hiroshima Mon Amour”, “God Blessed Video”, “Will You Be Home Tonight” and “The Witchwood” from his band ALCATRAZZ (that, for the readers that don’t know, had as guitar players Yngwie Malmsteen on “No Parole from Rock ‘n’ Roll” album and on the live album “Live Sentence”, and Steve Vai on “Disturbing the Peace” as band’s guitar players); and “Stand in Line” and “Here Comes the Night (Down Without a Fight)”, when Graham was singing on Chris Impellitteri’s band. Of course, the songs respect the original versions, but there are is whole new way in them.

We really must grateful to be living in a time when Graham is still active and wild!

Originality: 10
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

CD 1:

1. Into the Night
2. Welcome to my Home
3. Earth’s Child (I am Your Son)
4. Rider
5. Dead Man Walking
6. Strangest Day
7. The Dance
8. Where Were You?
9. The Book
10. Everybody Wants to Go There
11. California Air

CD 2:

1. Eyes of the World
2. All Night Long
3. Lost in Hollywood
4. Since You Been Gone
5. Night Games
6. S.O.S.
7. Assault Attack
8. Dancer
9. Desert Song
10. Island in the Sun
11. Hiroshima Mon Amour
12. God Blessed Video
13. Will You Be Home Tonight
14. Witchwood
15. Stand in Line
16. Here Comes the Night (Down Without a Fight)
Graham Bonnet - Vocals
Conrado Pesinato - Guitars
Jimmy Waldo - Keyboards
Beth-Ami Heavenstone - Bass
Mark Zonder – Drums
Record Label:


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