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Grand Cadaver – Into The Maw Of Death Award winner

Grand Cadaver
Into The Maw Of Death
by Thomas Kumke at 22 December 2021, 9:43 PM

GRAND CADAVER is a newly formed Death Metal band from Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden. They play traditional Swedish Death Metal and released their debut EP in 2020. The debut full-length album “Into The Maw Of Death” was recorded by Per Stålberg, Kalle Lilja, and Daniel Deurell at Welfare Sounds in Gothenburg. The album was released via Swedish label Majestic Mountain Records which is specialized in Stoner and Doom Metal. It has a length of almost 40 minutes.

If there is one constant in the Metal universe, then it is the high quality of Swedish Death Metal and its protagonists. As if Mikael Stanne were not busy enough with DARK TRANQUILITY and the new project THE HALO EFFECT, GRAND CADAVER release now their debut album and expectations are high. One thing I can say for sure: they deliver! “Into The Maw Of Death” is old school Death Metal as we listen to it for about 30 years. The opening riffs of the short and direct “Disanimated” are what every Death Metal fan wants to hear: raw, powerful, and grim. The track is a bit faster than mid-tempo and ideal for a circle pit. There are a couple of tempo changes and there is a bit of blast-beat support as well. The growls of Mikael Stanne are very distinct, covering mostly the medium part of the guttural range. “Soul Infestation” has more brutality, more tempo, and more blast-beats, before it transitions into a nice head-banging rhythm. There are notably a lot of tempo changes, it is going back and forth and the guitar riffing is very tight.

World Mausoleum” opens with a crunching bass before the Death Metal assault continues with some groovier elements. “Grim Eternal” gives what it promises, the track is grim eternal, at least during its playing time. It has a sluggish, almost stomping rhythm and provides a freezing atmosphere with the doomy guitar riffing being second to none. Latest at this moment, I felt being back around 20 years ago when Mike Akerfeldt started with BLOODBATH. “Grim Eternal” gives the album an extra dark layer and more diversity. Having mentioned BLOODBATH, “Reign Through Fire” could be on any of their early albums. Notable is the absence of lead guitar solos on the entire album. I am not sure whether that was intentional, but it fits perfectly into the rawness and directness of the album although lovers of lead guitars might miss them. “Reign Through Fire” was uploaded by the band on YouTube and the link is given below.

The opening part of the title song sounds like being a bit inspired by SLAYER, before it transitions into a frenzy pummelling at blistering pace. There are several tempo changes throughout the track which covers almost the whole spectrum of tempo and in particular Daniel Liljekvist delivers an outstanding job on the drums. The guitar riffing on “Into The Maw Of Death” is powerful, dark, and fierce.

Empire Of Lies” and “Malevolent Fate” continue with the hammering at high speed where the former one is again very direct with a simple structure, simple but effective buzzsaw guitar riffing, and tempo switches between high pace and mid-tempo. “Malevolent Fate” starts in mid-tempo but quickly increases speed for longer periods. The track includes a gloomy mid-tempo break with effective lead guitar contributions in the background. “Manifest Insanity” starts slower in head-banging mode and highly paced parts are shorter. More prominent is the middle section with its slow tempo and the grim and doomy sound carried forward by the bass guitar and another fine lead guitar contribution. At this point, GAND CADAVER fire from all cylinders. The closing “Cold Dead Light Leads” follows the same path as the previous track and is a worthy finale of the album.

Into The Maw Of Death” is an excellent debut album. It has everything, the traditional Death Metal fan could possibly hope for: the buzzsaw guitars, the rawness and directness, the darkness, and a vocalist who perfectly transports the Death Metal feelings to the listener. The sound of GRAND CADAVER represents everything what made the Swedish Death Metal sound globally so popular. However, “Into The Maw Of Death” is diverse with a lot of changes in the sound which maintains the excitement. The album is very well produced. GRAND CADAVER start their career with a bang and “Into The Maw Of Death” is a must have for every Death Metal fan.

Songwriting:  9
Musicianship:  9
Memorability:  9
Production:  9

4 Star Rating

1. Disanimated
2. Soul Infestation
3. World Mausoleum
4. Grim Eternal
5. Reign Through Fire
6. Into The Maw Of Death
7. Empire of Lies
8. Malevolent Fate
9. Manifest Insanity
10. Cold Dead Light Leads
Mikael Stanne – Vocals
Alex Stjernfeldt – Guitars
Stefan Lagergren ­ Guitars
Daniel Liljekvist – Drums
Christian Jansson – Bass
Record Label: Majestic Mountain Records


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