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Grand Harvest – Consummatum Est Award winner

Grand Harvest
Consummatum Est
by Justin "Witty City" Wittenmeier at 07 March 2022, 6:00 AM

GRAND HARVEST is a death/doom metal band from Sweden. They formed in 2017 and "Consummatum Est" is their full length debut. Previously, they released a demo and live album. This is seriously one solid slab of extreme doom metal. It's is uncompromising in its brutality; every song features slab after slab of what I can only assume is guitars and bass played by what can be nothing more than some kind of twisted amalgamation of demon and undead.

The doom that resonates from the atmosphere is hellish and bleak—like death/doom should be.  To be sure, they can be slow and stalking but they aren't afraid to experiment with the tempo.  What could account for melody is often present but this is far removed from the Gothenburg sound. Sweden may be the birthplace of death meeting lighter elements but it also holds far darker secrets. GRAND HARVEST welds them expertly and deadly.

"Sol Maledictor," begins with heavy riffs settling down like lead fog, something everything below it. Those downtrodden melodies I spoke of earlier come into play soon after, just before a rotten groove sweeps through it all.  Ghastly and frightening vocals come along with the guitars, an impressive display of all things black. The clean vocals/chants that appear in the background are a nice touch. Instead of making the song weaker, they actually highlight the wholesale carnage all the more.  Elements that aren’t normally traditional to death metal can be included if done right, and this album proves it.

"As The Vultures Descend" indeed sounds like the soundtrack to horrors ripping at the flesh of the dead. Every hit of the drum, a growl, or massive bass riff is another beak ripping the flesh from bone. The veracity and versatility of the guitars keeps the song fresh, going from grinding riffage to stonewall doom riffs as needed. From 4:44 to songs end is a rumbling slow dirge of Unspeakable, filthy things. As it fades out, there is little respite before "Crowns To Ashs-Thrones To Dust," begins. A slightly melodic intro mixes in with hammering double bass and riffs. The bass guitar drops like a rock as everything moves together as one monstrous entity. By the time the one minute mark arrives, the band is full speed on the death metal train. The riffs are neck snapping ferocious and continue the assault until around the three and a half minutes mark. From here, the rest of the song alternates from slow to mid tempo to death metal holocaust.

The title, and final, track is sure to be one of finest examples of how to do death/doom that will be heard this year. Over the course of first few minutes, the song is subtle (as much as it can be) in its approach to building up speed. When it finally its, it comes as a very organic wave that hits like a concrete wave, throwing all subtlety out the window. GRAND HARVEST's "Consummatum Est," is a terrific, terror filled ride of doom horror that any fan of the genre needs to have on their watch list. And this is their first album? Their next one will probably take the doom world by storm.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Sol Maledictor
2. The Harrow
3. No Paler a Horse
4. As the Vultures Descend
5. Crowns to Ashes - Thrones to Dust
6. My Desolate Sea
7. Fatehammer
8. In Memoriam - Magnus Invictus
9. Consummatum Est
N.N. - Bass
R.M. - Drums
F.S. - Guitars
A.L. - Guitars
Dr. Häll - Vocals
Record Label: Messor Grandis Productions


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