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Grand Magus - Iron Will (CD)

Grand Magus
Iron Will
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 02 June 2008, 9:57 AM

I really mean it, if you need some comments about this band and its quality you should better go and read something else. GRAND MAGUS is one of my personal can't live without bands and I consider them to be one of the best products this scene carries the last years. You can call it GRAND MAGUS, you can call it JB, you can call it one of the most honest Metal acts around, but it still beats the living crap out of you and it won't even care if you like it. It just exists to make your own existence worthy enough to witness its gloriousness.

The intro was written on a full of Heineken kind of state, so forgive me if there are things that I don't even know what they mean. The fact is that the Swedish metallers/rockers or what the fuck you wanna call them are here with their brand new full-length offering and they will definitely amaze you for one more time with music that is beyond your own imagination. GRAND MAGUS have been delivering quality music since 1996 and they are here once again to stand against your false ideals and you shitty polished Metal music. Still under Heineken influence, but that's the goddamn truth…

Iron Will has literally blown me away with its stunning lyricism and ass kicking heaviness! This band has managed to retain its power and passion even after its former drummer Trisse (ABRAMIS BRAMA) left, and we all know that the drummer is a vital part in such kind of music. The new beast behind the drum kit is called Sebastian and I don't know if he has a known musical past, but his monstrous drumming in this album shows why he was the chosen one for GRAND MAGUS. So, I don't want to make you bored with more hymns towards these modern gods…

After the mandolin signs the start, the Swedish maniacs offer a storm of heaviness and epic atmosphere that we all witnessed in the band's previous album Wolf's Return (2005). JB has managed to get away from his SPIRITUAL BEGGARS background and deliver a hymn to two things that are way distant, pure and unadulterated Rock & Roll and the Viking history. How can someone combine epic Doom/Stoner music with Pagan (may I say…) influences? I think that GRAND MAGUS just answered my question.

I think that it is all here mates… The groove, the feeling, the atmosphere, the sweat, the passion, the dynamic… Iron Will is an album that will undoubtedly be in the top 5 releases of 2008 and we would be stupid not to see it. Do I sound like just a fan and I write something that is no more than a hymn to the Swedish groove masters? I think not… I wish there were more bands that could play such music in the 21st century. Thank you GRAND MAGUS. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to travel through time and space in a land that Thor is fooling around with Odin, while MOTORHEAD are jamming with CANDLEMASS and ORANGE GOBLIN are trying to beat Pan at a chess game. Want to characterize it? Let's call it epic Blues for metalheads…


4 Star Rating

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JB - Vocals, Guitar
Fox - Bass
Sebastian - Drums
Record Label: Rise Above


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