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Grande Roses - Built In The Scheme

Grande Roses
Built In The Scheme
by Megan McMillan at 11 March 2015, 12:17 AM

Swedish rockers, GRANDE ROSES, released their first album, “Disease,” last summer, and it was an explosion of Indie and Alternative rock with that Punk edge that gave the band originality. The Indie sound was so authentic that you wouldn't believe they came from Sweden and not Britain where their brash style originates. With the Scandinavian music scene becoming over crowded with Symphonic metal, Viking Metal and Metal Core bands ect. The band's latest release, "Built in the Scheme,” is a breathe of fresh air for Scandinavian music.

The minute the first note of the opening track rings, “The Knife Digs Deeper”, to the finale, “Spread the Ashes”, you are confronted with a youthful energy created by the ferocious sound of rebellion plus the loud and overly distorted guitars. With constant punk chord rhythms, rude vocals and climatic chorus's it feels as though every track is an anthem. For instance, the sharp, distorted chops of “For A Greater Cause” along with it's incredibly catchy chorus and pounding bass gives it significance and makes it memorable.

However, the deeper you get into the more faced you are with the serious side of the band's musical style. Songs like “Liars Nest” and “Spread the Ashes” are infused with beautifully haunting melodies, soft chords and groove led drums that give off a ballad feel rather than Indie Rock anthem! Fundamentally, this mixture of song style has shown that the band has diversity and can keep things interesting rather than produce the same thing over again like a lot of Rock bands nowadays.

Overall, “Built in the Scheme” is a great effort from GRANDE ROSES. Despite this being their second album, the band members show a spectacular level of maturity with their playing skills. Not only have they engraved a spectacularly number of well written tracks, but they manage to have that all important impact a lot of current under ground bands are missing. Finally their mainstream sound amongst other things is their potential to send them into the lime light and make it big!

4 Star Rating

1. The Knife Digs Deeper
2. Build on Schemes
3. Ambulance
4. For a Greater Cause
5. Seconds for Hours
6. No Future
7. Mountains
8. Liars Nest
9. Spread the Ashes
Goran Messelt Andersson -
Johan -
Robin Ejnebrand -
Magnus Eklund -
Emil Karlsson -
Record Label: Gaphal


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