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Grande Royale - Carry On

Grande Royale
Carry On
by Jordan Rogers at 20 January 2021, 9:51 PM

For us today is an album that brings back the sound of the 70’s in the same fashion it was back in the day. GRANDE ROYALE is set to release this album in 2021 and will bring with it a rock sound from far back. Let us dive right in to the music and we will see how well this album holds up.

To start things off we have “Troublemaker’’. In this song you will hear the tones of old hit you almost immediately. GRANDE ROYALE does a good job of capturing the nostalgia of their music and almost makes you feel as if you are listening to an album from the 70’s or 80’s as opposed to an album from today. With an interesting introduction “One of a Kind” follows while holding onto that same nostalgic feel. In this song you can feel the bands passion and care for the music they create! You can tell they pour their emotions into the music they create.

Further on in the album we have the track by the title of “Not the Same” which is ironically the opposite of what we just talked about. It is also a song that you can tell that emotions were deeply involved in the making of! Songs like this, I feel, can either make or break a band and here we see it executed in a familiar yet powerful way! Adding an edge for this album that is missed in alot of modern music. Which this album isn’t necessarily modern in it’s styling, but the whole emotional undertone is surely a modern look on things.

As we continue to move on down the list we will hear “Headbangers Ball” which will surely bring you back to the days of long hair and headbanging! This song nails the 70’s style to the wall and holds it out to dry. Fast paced, rhythmic, a little flare of heavy, everything needed to hold you banging your head and bouncing around throughout the entirety of its course. As the album comes to a close you will find “Schizoid Lullaby” and within it you will find a song of power and strength. This song is packed full of riveting guitar pitches and will hopefully find it’s way somewhere inside your head for you to chew up and digest in order to fully appreciate it’s lyrical and musical application.

If you are looking for an album to quelve that need for a nostalgic sound then CARRY ON is the album you are looking for. Keep your eyes peeled for it’s release in 2021 and in the meantime go check out other music available from GRANDE ROYALE.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 9


4 Star Rating

1. Troublemaker
2. One of a Kind
3. Bang
4. Let It All Go
5. Not The Same
6. Carry On
7. Ain’t Got Soul
8. Staying Dry
9. Headbanger’s Ball
10. Just as Bad as You
11. Schizoid Lullaby
Hampus Steenberg - Lead Vocals
Gustav Wremer - Guitar
Andreas Jena - Guitar
Calle Ljungstrom - Bass
Mackey Gustafsson - Drums
Record Label: The Sign Records


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