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Grandiose Malice - The Eternal Infernal Award winner

Grandiose Malice
The Eternal Infernal
by The Corpse Painted Pegacorn at 15 April 2018, 5:49 AM

“The Eternal Infernal” is the last great work and solo project, GRANDIOSE MALICE, from Steve Childers, the former founder and lead guitarist, Tregenda, of BLACK WITCHERY.  He had sent the demo to close friends for feedback, but had not released it formally prior to his untimely passing on February 2, 2016. Dana Duffey contacted Steve’s best friend, Joel Bagley, about making sure that the tracks were released on a fitting underground metal label according to what they felt would have been Steve’s wishes. Their goal was met as Hell’s Headbangers were on board. Steve’s demo tracks were mastered by his friend Joshua Freeman, and hence tracks became a complete album without losing the wrathful sound that Steve had created. The cover art was donated by cult artist Ereshkigal, and the logo was designed by Chris Moyen who was also a friend of Steve’s and had previously worked with BLACK WITCHERY. Hell’s Headbangers recognized the significance of the project and were honored to be a part of its release.

The album is chock full of death/thrash head banging brutality, hints of black metal influence, and occult subject matter, but the creator will be remembered best by his fans, friends, and family as not only a warrior for metal, but a laid back, humble, creative soul. He had a remarkable amount of passion, drive, and talent and he is surely missed. “The Illusion” stands out as an impressive piece. This brooding track sweeps the listener up with a combination of groove and brute force. Childers songwriting prowess is showcased on this track particularly. “The Eternal Infernal” blasts with furious drumming and a rough, thrashy tone. Blackened riffs and well executed solos are heard as well. The intensity is maintained with “Bell, Book, and Chalice.”

“Days of Our Lies” starts up with slower, seething guitar chords before unleashing another savage onslaught. “Forgotten Consequence of Survival” festers with a raw dark, unpolished edge and enough groove to keep things quite interesting. This album features elements of death, thrash, and black metal, and this track in particular ties those elements together. “Dull Onion” completes the album with one last reign of brutality. The only complaint I have about this track was the length; it’s less than two minutes long. Childers, though departed, has etched his mark on the world of metal, and GRANDIOSE MALICE stands as a memorial to his legacy. I enjoyed listening to “The Eternal Infernal” and would recommend it to fans of thrash, death, and black metal as it’s heavy and incorporates features from those sub genres. The tracks were well written, and the production was such that the sound felt very natural and unforced; polished enough, but not over processed.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1.  R U Hexperienced
2. The Messenger
3. The Illusion
4. The Eternal Infernal
5. Bell, Book and Chalice
6. Days of Our Lies
7. Bone Dance
8. Forgotten Consequence of Survival
9. Dull Onion
Steve Childers - Guitars, Bass
Matt Glaser - Vocals, Drums
Record Label: Hells Headbangers Records


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