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Grass - Fresh Grass

Fresh Grash
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 02 April 2019, 6:32 AM

I think I have the right band here…GRASS formed in 2009 and was active until 2012. Encyclopaedia Metallum has them spit up, but “Fresh Grass” sounds like new music to me. They are a Stoner Metal type band out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, though their Facebook page list their genre as “Physical Doom. “Fresh Grass” contains five new tracks.

“My Wall” opens with a lumbering and fuzzy riff with bass guitar noticeable in the mix. It sounds like BLACK SABBATH meets SOUNDGARDEN or the like. The riff carries on for the early part of the song and then vocals come in when it shifts a bit. It’s retro-grade Hard Rock/Heavy Metal but nothing that you haven’t heard before. “Black Clouds” opens with fuzzy bass guitar notes and a phasing effect, until the guitars come in and join in with the main riff. Its weight is crushing and you get the image of thick, black clouds coating the sky outside. Depressing and despondent, it takes part of your soul with it.

“Fire,” by contrast, has a slightly faster riff, still very easy to assimilate. It sounds like FIREBALL MINISTRY, the kings of that Doomy, doleful music. “Runaway” opens with a BLACK SABBATH type riff, using two main chords and some others to round it out. The vocals are pure despondence. A guitar solo thick with wah-wah is followed by a crushing riff and then the sound drops off for a while, as the lumbering beast wanders into the distance. “Easy Rider” has that sleazy groove to it, rounded out by a fat guitar riff and bass notes thwacking away. He croons, “I ride on and on, and there’s no turning back.”

Overall, the EP has promise, with thick and heavy guitars and bass, and the soulful and smooth croons of the vocalist. It’s difficult to balance the sound with what bands have come before them in the same style. It just doesn’t offer anything new to the listener. Still, the band has style, and their love for their craft is evident.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 5
Memorability: 4
Production: 6


2 Star Rating

1. My Wall
2. Black Clouds
3. Fire
4. Run Away
5. Easy Rider
Brooks Wilson – Guitar/Vocals/Synthesizer
Dan Eppihimer – Drums/Vocals
Steve Jansson – Guitar/Vocals
Billy Bruns – Bass
Record Label: Independent


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