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Grave Bathers — Feathered Serpent//Death Hand EP

Grave Bathers
Feathered Serpent//Death Hand EP
by Rory Kuczek at 16 March 2020, 6:49 AM

The skies overhead fall to gloom, as the shadows creep across the mounted graves made of a concrete stone of old age. In the darkness, a woman with a hooded cloak, blue in the moonlight, escapes by running through the doom of the night, the only trace of her was the red of her fingertips, perhaps from a dragon’s mouth. She leaves behind her breath of air, cold as the dirt that she kicks behind her. GRAVE BATHER’s EP release of “Feathered Serpent”// “Death Hand,” takes one through an unlit path of classic doom metal, streaming from a 1970’s universe. The project originates from Pennsylvania in 2018, bringing a wave of doom and Orange amplifiers in a truck with four wheels.

Feathered Serpent” begins with BLACK SABBATH styled vocals and a memorable melody stretching across the piece. Riffs are slow and raw, incorporating injections of curled-frizzed hair and strange vitamins for the show. I could feel the heat of the summer, suffocating in leather jackets and hot breath. The woman begins her ritual and unveils her face. She wears red lipstick and black-stained hair. In her hands, she holds bones of the cemetery. She puts them around her neck like jewlery, and continues to dance with the shadows underneath the full moon night.

In a wavy and bluesy style, “Death Hand” virtually displaces the listener to the time of psychedelics and cheap beer. The riffs are not on the same wavelength, to exhibit a soundscape of high dosage and murkiness. Bathed in high bass and clever vocals, the music is drenched in the tenebrosity of the whimpering notes. The woman reaches the end of the graveyard. She throws the bones back into the cemetery, and runs off towards the forest. The woman pulls up her hood and hides the blood from her hands, licking her lips clean. She smiles as her shoes click on the forest floor.

GRAVE BATHER’s EP is the epitome of Doom Metal, and resembles every corner of the atmosphere through their clouded movements. Although the band had some weak spots in its execution through “Death Hand,” primarily at the start of the focus, the EP deserves a listen through the graveyard.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Feathered Serpent
2. Death Hand
Record Label: Drowning Fish Studio


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